– Non Delivery Of Cake/Flower on scheduled time and irresponsible behavior shown to consumer concerns

This complaint is in concern with the order : .100008615. We had booked a combo “Bunch of 15 Red Roses with 1 Pound Fresh Cream Chocolate cake” on 03/01/2014 (Friday, jan 3, 2014) to be delivered on Jan 5th, 2014. Regret to say the services were not provided as per requested. The order consisted of special instructions saying to deliver the gift items before 7 am on jan 5th. An additional charges on 200 was also paid. So the total amount was 1300 rs-. But disappointingly, the delivery didn’t happen on the time mentioned in the order. We were not informed about anything, whether the dispatch was done or not.. No information was passed to us. When continuously called on the number which the website had mentioned it was switched off. Almost after trying 4-5 hrs it rang around 10:40.. After expressing our concerns the representative guy was not ready to listen and was arrogant toned. he said Sunday was holiday and office works after 10:30.If that is the case, who is responsible for the deliveries made before 7:30. So unorganized and no one knows about the dispatched items. Should we keep waiting till the office opens and to know the status. The customer support is worse and the representatives spoke very harshly. Irrational reasons given for the mishaps. He mentioned he will refund the 200 rs by replacing a box of chocolates but didn’t keep up his words when we mentioned the re-delivery to be done after 6:30. he gave a haphazard reply saying we cant do anything and this things keep happening. He didn’t even agree for refund and said against rules and was not evening promising a proper delivery after 6:30. There was no apology made and finally we had to cancel the order which was really disappointing. The tone and behavior of your representative was far from politeness which is not acceptable at all.This incident ruined our whole day and the put all our surprising efforts in gutter. Is this the treatment given to a customer? Does this oblige on the company rules.Are they not responsible for proper delivery and inform the customer in case of any delays and hazards happened. After calling n number of times we get a bad replies saying this happens many times since company have 100’s of deliveries daily. A single customer is also valuable and just not to be ignorant. this has affected the mental state of the receiver and the our’s. Spoils the whole theme of celebration. Finally to cancel our order which makes no sense. Can the birthday be postponed because of your company’s carelessness and irresponsible behavior? We need you to look into this matter immediately… We need complete justice in the matter This is not just a 1300 rs matter.. its the matter of Customer and responsibility.. . Hoping to receive proper response and refunds.. Please help us in this matter

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  1. I am another victim of this horrible company. Booked a combo worth 2100 inspite of me calling 30 times and speaking to anjali the rep the combo waasnt delivered to my parents for their anniversary. Andd they didn’t gave a stupid reason and didn’t deliver it