Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and i made an online delivery of item pfc1 order no 100015117 thru myflowergift to his office address.

I had made lot of other arrangements at office but I was very much disappointed when the delivery was not done on time. I had asked for a delivery before 3.30 PM and max 4.00 PM. I clearly told them that my husband will leave by 4.00 PM.

But when i call at 3.45 they say the delivery will be done by 5.30 PM. I requested them to do it atleast by 4.30. They said they will try. I was continiously following up and they were saying it will take another 1 hr,1/2 hour an hour but no concrete reply.

This company is operating from Bangalore and I made the order from Chennai. When i asked for the chennai contact, they were not ready to give any number. After calling couple of times, they stopped picking my call. But if I try from a diff number they are picking. Is this a Professional Etiquette?

Excellent Customer Service must be the motto of online company but they were so un-professional. I have tried to call them atleast 20 times but they didn’t pick the call (some they didnt pick, some they cut after 4 to 5 rings, once they put the line on hold and didn’t turn up and the call got disconnected automatically)

By the time they brought the delivery my husband had already left the company. We had lot of other dependencies. If they cannot do something, they should not commit to it.

People ordering thru online will have lots of plans and expectations to suprise the reciever. Is this the way to spoil everything?

Atlast at 5.30 the delivery boy calls my husband and says im here. When u see thats a different address. He came back from half the way and he has asked hime to come near tharamani station, the person has gone to thiruvanmayur station. My husband is waiting and waiting and then he calls up to say im waiting in a different place. it took 30 mins to coordinate and get the cake and bouquet though he was in a near by locality.

After all these hurdle when u see the product delivered has no relevance with the picture posted in the site. Site said 25 roses, bouquet had only 20 roses that too not fresh ones. Picture had white and red roses and went i asked the agent Rhiya said yes white and red roses but it didn’t have any white roses in the border.

Cake had a gift box picture and i was told that the cake will be packed in the gift box as shown in picture but it was from a local bakery in a normal cake box. There was no message written on the card. There was no card on the bouquet itself.

It was not at all worth for the money paid (Rs 1350).

When my husband called up the company number 098 86 722619, they are not responding well. Second time when he called up they are not pciking the phone. When we called from a different number they are picking and when v asked y r u not picking when v call from other number, the lady agent who was speaking said we can’t keep answering all ur calls.

We really got annoyed. Knowing its my husband’s birthday she was not talking well. When my husband said, we are not happy with the delivery and we will raise a consumer complaint if they don’t respond properly, she is saying u do whatever u can, v r not bothered. We cannot do anything. We can’t refund the money and take back the products.

Is this a way a company staff responds to the customer complaint? Total Un trustworthy company.

When I called up again, she is saying ur husband said he will go to consumer court, y r u talking and wasting our time. You do what u can. I’m talking and she hung the phone. I have never seen such a worst company in my life. Company with such rude, arrogant and in disciplined workers.

Will never want even my deadly enemy to undergo such experience. Worst online shopping company. No one should suffer like us using this site.

The whole day was spoiled because of them and their customer service. I wanted things to be a suprise for my husband but unfortunely even he had to get involved and he was also totally upset with the service.

Defenitely some action has to be taken. I have seen several similar complaints posted in this website and consumer complaint websites.

I feel some action has to be taken rather than just being a repository of complaints.

Sincerely hope something will be done.

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