I placed a order on Aug 1st (100003000) with delivery date as 2nd Aug and on the delivery date it was advised that it would be delayed because the outlet which needs to deliver is closed and if it needs to be delivered, I need to pay extra 300 , hence i cancelled the order.

During cancellation, I was told that it would be refunded within 10 days and even after 10 days the amt is not refunded, So inquired on chat the executive did not reply but when i tried logging with different name, i got a revert, in which they told it would be refunded and did not confirm the exact date and told that they are here to help only for new orders and told me to contact call centre

when contacted the call centre they told me to send an email and on the same day i sent an email and still have not got a reply, so I called the call centre again they told it would be refunded by 30 to 45 days and now am in 53rd day from the date of cancellation, still my amt is not refunded

After many follow-up n 26th Sep when called they told me that it would be credited on 8th Oct and after which when contacted on 10th Oct (today @ 11 IST), they told that there is some error in the payment which is initiated and got my ac details to credit it in my Bank ac through Branch and advised it would be credited in 2 hrs but when called 16 IST they told to call in an hour to check the status with the person who credited it to my ac and when called at 17 IST they said that they would call in 2 mins but again when called they did not pick up for and after few times a new person picked and said that we have initiated and it would be credited and said that don’t disturb abnormally.

Meanwhile when inquired through chat & mail no reply and when called they say it would get refunded and they say they don’t have details in the system but it would get refunded and disconnecting the call

it may be a problem for my order alone but it’s disappointing on the service provided by “myflowergift”, they don’t service you after placing the order and sad part is they did not reply seeing my name but immediately replied when I inquired with different name and not even responding incase if there is a delay and waiting for the customer to call back

Karthik Kannan
Address : D208, Kelana Puteri Condo, Kelana Jaya

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  1. Kindly be away from and save your money. I have lost Rs 500 to them . They did not deliver the flowers on the day of ocassion and on asking refund they are saying they will deliver now. Really bad service they dont care what they speak. In capable of keeping commitments.

    Please use some other website but never go for this website

  2. similar incidence has happened to me also, this site is not at all trust worthy.
    before taking the order, assurance was given that the cake and chocolates were be delivered before afternoon. I had given order of 1798, it was birthday occasion. these people have ruined the occasion and have hurt the sentiments.

  3. Pathetic Service received : Order #100009760

    I had ordered for the first time from my flower gift for my fiancee’s birthday which is tomorrow 2nd Feb’14. I had ordered the below:

    1. Bunch of lilies,gerberas,and carnations worth Rs 700: My fiancee actually received a set of only 6 roses.

    2. 1/2 kg Pineapple eggless cake worth Rs 700 : The cake received was having a very hard base & the cream was also not fresh.

    3. Midnight delivery for rs 250 extra: The bouquet & cake was actually received at 1.30 pm on 1st Feb’14 without any name, message card or notification while the same was promised to be delivered at 12 pm midnight on 1st Feb’14.

    I feel completely cheated & have got the worst experience ever for online gifting. I will never use this website again & will strongly recommend all my friends to not use this. If the team has any courtesy left, pls refund my money.

    P.S. I am sure the MFG team will delete this testimonial. MFG team, you have completely ruined my moment of surprise.

  4. One star !!!!!!!!!! Not even one star would be rated…. Such is the services they provide.
    Least bothered about customers concerns and they talk as though they rule the whole world’s online store. Please do not do the mistake of ordering from here.. Its a really bad worse service and will ruin your surprises and disappoint you and your beloved ones.

    Order number :100008615.
    Order date was friday jan 3 and was supposed to be delivered on Jan 5th.
    For out mother’s birthday we had ordered a combo of fresh 15 yellow roses and 0.5 kg cream cake. Charges were 1100 but special charges 200 were applied for delivering at fixed time[within 7 am].. Also a reminder calls were made on the previous day for delivering it on time. They promised to deliver on time. Next day the time reached 10:30 even then no cake turned up.. No calls from the delivery team. Continuously called their number [+91 98867 22619] which was published on website. it said switched off. Got connected at after 10:45 am. We were definitely frustrated and the person who took the phone was not to talk to our concerns responded coldly. Made some stories of not delivering and didn’t even apologize for their mistakes. Again the timings after 6 they wouldn’t and amount wont be refunded. He was not polite first of all and spoke very rashly to us. He was saying this happens daily and its not in their hands.The person also said he will disconnect call if we call him again and said do what ever you want I don’t care. Such is the attitude of these people. They said they have 100 of orders daily and these things happen. If they cannot fulfill the orders properly and cannot give a proper decent response to the customers its our responsibility to spread this to world.

    We finally cancelled the order. No money was refunded and also the surprise we planned was ruined all together. These people don’t have any customer values and are irresponsible….

    We want justice and our money to be refunded.

    1. Hey Divya,

      Even i faced the same issue with this stupid website. while taking the order they were so good. I ahve enquired whethr they can deliver in midnight and also they have charged extra delivery charges for that too. and from Yesterday night their numbers were switched off also the address they have mentioned is also not correct. Can you please help me to reach them. seriously its hurtign me a lot from yesterday night. Please leave me a message @ 8688653032 if you have any suggestions for me.