MyOwnShop – Got wrong product. I need to return and I want my money back

Reported By: Sahana

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MyOwnShop Kolkata

I have ordered the salwar suit of worth 799 and I got a saree instead which is not ever 50rs worth. I need my money back. ” Out for Delivery: Nusarat Designer Dress… with tracking ID OIPC0000732178 from MyOwnShop, will be delivered today by an EKART Wish Master ” . I am not able to return my product. This is a fake website. Don’t buy anything from here.
I will definitely file a complaint.


How to file a complaint against MyOwnShop?

* Go to page
* Write MyOwnShop in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from MyOwnShop.

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  1. Mandeep Singh

    Got wrong product (its all hands are not working). I need to return and I want my money back.
    Mandeep Singh
    90237 89608

  2. I ordered steamer ,, it’s not working also received a damaged product,,, I want to return the product and refund else give me a new steamer

  3. Few Days ago i ordered a water spray gun but what i saw in Myown shop that product is not same as i received so i want to refund my money and that product which i received was already damaged.. Kindly take my money back or i take a strict action regarding my own shop

    1. Complaint no service also fraud no. Don’t transfer any amount if he say UPI server down. Online order are fraud. First time they will send a item on your demand at COD service with wrong product so that you call him for payment reverse then they will tell you some one will come to receive product amount will be reversed by UPI . Then they ask you for UPI details.

  4. Mere product galat hai 2 tha 998 me 1 hi delivery huwa hai jo video me product tha oha bhi nahi hai galat bat hai ab me complan karunga fraud ki

  5. Lokesh Tikapache

    I was ordered lycra stretchable paint with grey colour but I got simple paint with black colour.
    I m not satisfied with this product , request you to refund myoney.
    My Order ID – #9387
    Ref.No. 6132840038TMK

  6. Nishant Kumar Agrawal

    I have ordered the smart watch and air dops of RS worth 1399. I got worst product and want to return also my money.

  7. अमित तिवारी

    मेरा ऑडर सही नही आया है सर जो मंगाया था ओ आया नही

    1. Chutiya bana ne wali product costomer ko dete hey .dikhatey kuch hey or product third class detey hey my shop own. aapliction chutiya bana ne wali aap hey naa koi costomer care number hey naa ply stor pr aapliction hey

  8. Order ID: #PEP39204
    Got wrong product. I need to return and i need refund. Ekart Update: Desi Closet Trendy Floral Tracking ID:OIPC0006616472 from MyOwnShop,
    Ekart Update: Mens Fashionable Daily Wear… with tracking ID OIPC0006616472 from MyOwnShop, will be delivered today before 9pm (call 08068921661, PIN 154).

  9. Aswini Kumar Jena

    Sir it’s a very Beautiful Look product but, it’s a very soft, so it’s amount is full High,…
    Do I requested you sir/MDM, actual this product I can’t Happy, so pls return this product,and refound my money pls…🙏🙏🙏

  10. Hi
    I need to return the product, a it is dusty and not the one I choose…the offer was bu one get one for rs799 total..

  11. I order elctronic mini shaver worth Rs.999 This product is damage now i want my money back…. Your app is too cheap 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    My add is Wz 227 guru nanak 5

  12. Dharmendra Thakur

    Hello receive bad product ordered 9 no received 6 no with cheap quality not even 100 rs order no 1412370 dash 101 price 1199 rs iwant to return the product

  13. Got wrong product. I have order puma shoes.and it was worst quality. I have pay 1499 rs . I need to return and back my money . Ekart update tracking I’d OIC0003844201 from my own shop. Order I’d 1275

  14. I have order PUMA snekar.. And it was worst quality..I have pay 1200/- for the shoes and the quality of a product is 300/-..i very disappointed with the product.. Order puma and sended me bad quality of product

  15. i lakshay
    i was order a tshirt from this shirt this tshirt quality is very bad or it is very short tshirt now i want to return that product but no option on that for retun so plz i want mt money back

  16. Seetha Rajkumar

    Hi, This is Seetha Rajkumar I have received Back pain relief equipment today and the order I’d: 7341864963QLYit was damaged..
    Hence, I would like to return the product..

  17. Loveleen pawar

    Got wrong product. I need to return and back my money. Ekart Update: Desi Closet Trendy Floral P… with tracking ID OIPC0003232301 from MyOwnShop, will be delivered today before 9pm (call 01141186628, PIN 128).
    This is fake website
    I complaint this web site