– Gifts not redeemed

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to inform you that I have claimed for gifts on behalf of a loyalty program by the company In this program if you can buy something you get msp coins in your account and you can claim for gifts by your msp coins .But sir I cant get any gifts yet after 2 months 12 days. I have claimed for gifts on 25/dec/2015. I have mailed the company many times and the company says “ sorry for the inconvenience all you gifts are delivered to you after 2 months and all your paytm redemptions will be delivered 15 days .I can’t get any paytm redemptions or gifts. Also I have received my tickets for my gifts as no(13788,13584). I have all my mails of getting msp coins. And also the company erases all data from my account of gifts claimed .Kindly help me sir.

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