Naswiz – Deceiving Innocent People

I completely agree that the company is fooling around the innocent and gullible people. Company has got extremely poor bad spoken customer care executives such as Seema.
If you are extremely lucky, you might get someone to hear you after numerous attempts, but that too of no use. They will hardly listen to you concerns and will keep reciting their own illogical terms and conditions.
Despite buying this package, you will hardly get to travel through their booking. I would highly recommend to abstain from wasting your money on Naswiz. Stay Away from such Shams !

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  1. I m totally agree to u pankaj sir…
    what NASWIZ HOLIDAY’S provides know one can provide in that rate…
    holiday package with a very nominal rates…n with a very good facilities…
    its my personal experience.

  2. Hello all ,

    I disagree with all complains . As i joined same group about 5 months ago and had wonderful experience and earned more than 2 lakh from it and cheques are coming . me and my relatives are happy to get this valuable package . Please talk to me if u have any problem but don’t spread rumor . In this short life we all had good and bad exp , it doesn’t mean the things are bad .

    Pankaj ,