Net Flex Software – Gjena / Pjena false blaming/Pramila ( SAP JobsIndia)

I am Vaibhav Suryawanshi,HR Manager from Pune Office.What information given about Net Flex by Girish Jena & his friend is false. We donot have any office in Bhubaneswar.Our Director is from Odisha, Girish Jena who has given false complaint is from Same home town. So being he is from Director’s home town, He was offered to join at Pune. He told he has marriage proposals ,so he can do as free lancer in marketing, he will be paid on leads finalized or PO issued basis.In between, he has not given any hot leads, only substandard or small cos names from google search. Anyway, Those leads have not closed by him. How co will pay Salary. He was not full time employee. He became frustrated,ask for relieving letter.But our Director says,he was not full time employee,we cannot give relieving. What he did, he raised consumer complaint. He was just befooling everybody by complaining.He was operating from his home,given LAPTOP ,that also retained by him. He has not given any Lead in Odisha,it was by our marketing team,Subash Mohanty is from Odisha,he has good contacts all over Odisha & Maharastra.Girish Jena is being frustrated for rejected by his employer,given complain to blame Net Flex and do business loss.He has sold same lead to many SAP Partner in Delhi & Odisha.That person has also Cheated his previous employer by selling its leads here and there.Any way, Net Flex is a SAP partner,12 Years old co,based in Pune.It is not based in Odisha ,though Director Subash Mohanty is from Odisha. There are many competitors in market who want tarnish the image of Net Flex. Some fake complaints have raised in Hyderabad/Bangalore ,blame our co. In spite of blame, we never stop our co functioning or not changing co name or Director profile. If there is any complaint, it is because of business rival or false claiming employment or compensation. anybody can visit our office to know reality.
I had issued Offer letter to Girish Jena, but he has not joined, worked as freelancer. Can he show his attendance sheet. He was told if your lead is closed then you will get incentive or Else You can go for better opportunity. He want to fill gap in his job in past, which Our Director deny. He is not a loyal to any co. While he was at Delhi, he was asking my director if you will pay me, I will share leads. He is a liability for any organization. He has already Cheated many cos. He knows where we have implemented, because client list was given to him for marketing purpose. We do not cheat any Client in Odisha or anywhere, instead we implement SAP at very less or below breakeven. SAP India knows about Net Flex’s functioning at Pune.
Employees who were at Net Flex now,SR Manager at IBM/Accenture/Igate/Atos/Fujitsu in India or Abroad.A lot of employee ref can be provided if you call on 020-65003111.Please donot believe in those complaints,any doubt please meet Director for Clarification. Our Director is a CA having 25 years Experience in accounts ,Audit & finally in SAP Partner co CEO & MD. After being a CA & so much of professional experience, why he will cheat. If any body have any doubt about bonafideness of Net Flex, can meet personally ,he is helping nature .No doubt, Co has not achieved mile stones, but no intention of director to cheat & do lieing.Many people has taken advantage of simplicity.Complaint has started in 2010,when south indian guy could not understand hindi ,from that day,everybody have small argument in Face book or linked in making it a business.Pramila Nagaraj, SAPjobs India who are connected with fake experience racket in Bangalore,diverted many candidates into fake experience cos,now
25000 employees will be in risk.1000 cos in Bangalore are in same fake experience mafia.SAPjobs India group is also involved in this racket.So Please donot believe that lady.First of all I have doubt,Whether she is lady or not.In face book, so many persons are doing many things in face book chatting.You might be aware of, starting from love affair to job commitment even if they donot have any office,only on basis face book group owner. They tout candidates and divert here and there by blaming wrongly,download face book photo and paste in consumer complaint or any where. Any complaints in consumer board or consumer forum are base less. They just want to blame genuine cos, they are Mafias in Bangalore or Hyderbad, they donot want anybody will take their candidate,because they are earning money by giving fake experience.In reverse,They are saying Net Flex provide fake experience. Net Flex does not give any such wrong thing.
HR Manager,
Vaibhav Suryawanshi

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