NetFlex Software Technologies – big cheat

I have added the Photo of Mr. Subash Mohanty (MD) a Big Fraud & Criminal. NetFlex Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a very big cheat and unethical company. It is not only doing fraud with its customers but also with its employees. Mr. Subash Mohanty, who is the Managing Director of the Company is such a layer, fraud and doing the employee harassment. Mr. Subash Mohanty is telling so much lies to the candidates and customers. I have joined the Company on 1st April-2014. My 4 Months Salary is pending, he has not paid me a single rupees and not providing me the reliveing letter as well. I have provided him a client in Jharsuguda, Orissa by the name Shyam Medical Agency, its director Mr. Prakash Sakunia (Director) was looking for SAP A1 ERP Implementation, but Mr. Subash Mohanty take 15 Lakhs from the client and he has not done the implementation. This type of people are destroying reputation of SAP in the Market, so SAP should have to take the action and cancel the partnership licenses of this type of companies. He is doing the fraud with the clients as well and running this company in a wrong way and fraudly. Mr. Subash Mohanty is such a criminal, he should be there in the Jail as soon as possible. With this approach towards its customers & employees, I am sure that such kind of fraudulent company will be vanished soon. I Hope you people atleast take some action against him so that others may not face same issues.

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