NGN_SHOP – Fraudulent customer rating process

Reported By: Kemi

Contact information:

I received a WhatsApp message from one Mrs. Ali Deckow2001 with phone number
+234 901 279 2293 claiming that “Hello, I am the customer service of the recruitment center, it is a pleasure to serve you. In order for you to be better qualified for this job, please provide the following information and we will review whether you meet our recruitment requirements: (Name. Age. Occupation) Do you have online shopping experience?” This platform is a third-party intelligent matching platform. The platform cooperates with existing shopping platforms such as Amazon, Tmall, ebay, JD, Walmart, BESTBUY, Target, NewEgg, Wayfair, Overstock online shopping platform merchants, and uses intelligent systems to match merchant orders with platform users, thereby increasing the sales of major stores data platform..
After asking series of questions I decided to register believing that they are 3rd party agent to Amazon. I was later contacted like this: Hello, I am Felicia, please contact me via Telegram to start work in the future, please provide registered user name or registered mobile number. after series of questions I decided to register. I was giving 3 tasks to complete after completing this they increased it to 15 and them to 19.
Felicia then said I must complete one order more before my money will be released. She said I should various accounts to received money from me
1. Opeyemi Mumini Azeez OJATUNTUN MB TRF cp9b9622x8
She kept on saying if I do not complete the tasks my money will not be released. I have been being trying to get my money back by adding more money so that she can release my funds. A total of N1,227,899.28 have been transferred from my account through OPAY platform using the above numbers account holders name. After all said and done she claimed I need to pay a tax of 20% separately from the funds already transferred from my account before I can withdraw my funds which is lying.
She claimed that We absolutely have payment guarantees, and the Amazon platform is our third-party guarantee, so there is no risk in terms of financial security.

How to file a complaint against NGN_SHOP?

* Go to page
* Write NGN_SHOP in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from NGN_SHOP.

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