Noise,Shopnik,Soundmonks – I RECIEVED A DIFFERENT ITEMS ..

Reported By: Harsha R gowda

Contact information:
Noise,Shopnik,Soundmonks Delhi
Smartcombo .in

Actually this is a fake company…I had ordered a Color fit pro 2and Noise Short X1 AIR….for 2k…but I received a different analog watch and a USB cable …..My Order ID :8690067, …pls make sure I get the amount …..Make sure this is a scam company …who ruin a middle class people life ….My Numb :9972653858

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  1. I had ordered a colorfit pro 2 watch and airpods combo and recieved some local headphones and analog watch please dont believe thi frauds
    Order id:8944495
    Please make sure i get the refund amount.