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Reported By: Sumer Singh

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Nokia care solan
Nokia care solan, H.P./product name-nokia lumia 930

I, Sumer R Singh, a student at jaypee university ,H.P. had gone to Nokia care(distt. Solan) as my Nokia lumia 930 stopped working on 13.06.2017. They told me that there is some problem in my phone’s motherboard and it will take 2000 INR to get it fixed and also gave me verbal guarantee of 1 month after repair. I got my phone within a week of it and also on asking for bill they told me to wait until GST and still today itself I don’t have a proper bill. But after few days of use it again got same problem and I again went to them as they have given me 1 months verbal guarantee. They took my my phone again on 24.06.2017 and told me I would take a week to get repaired. After no response from them I called them on 17.07.2017. They told me it will take some more time. Then on 22.07.2017 I visited the shop personally to enqurie about my phone. They again told me that the phone had not been repaired yet. I asked him politely to give me final date as to when my phone will be repaired to which they replied on 28.07.2017. I said that I would not call on 28.07.2017 and would directly come to get my phone to which they agreed. Now on 28.07.2017 I went to Nokia care and asked about my phone and I was told that it is still not being repaired and told me to come back on 3.07.2017 or 4.07.2017. Now being a student it very tough for me physically,mentally and financially to visit Nokia care again and again as it is far away( approximately 30 kms) from where I live. So I asked them to return me my phone unrepaired and return my money that I had given for repairement of my phone to which they denied and told me to return on 4.07.2017 to get my phone. I am being harassed mentally,physically and financially by Nokia care ,solan,H.P. Please give a solution to my problem asap.
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Mobile no.- 9805107933

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