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I have bought NOKIA 8 handset 3 months ago. Prior to that, I was using Oneplus 2 handset. All of us today use various bank Apps for transactions. And I was having no problems accessing to HDFC Mobile banking App when I was using Oneplus 2 handset. After I switched to NOKIA 8, I started facing a typical problem. I could connect to HDFC Banking App only 10-15 % times when I was using Idea 4G sim card. Balance attempts were shear failure and the window gets flashed “SORRY. WE ARE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE SERVER. TRY LATER.”. As against this, whenever I try to connect to the same App with the help of Wi-Fi, there has been no issue. This problem was taken up with NOKIA at various forums and all that I got always were the wishy-washy answers. And the concerned support people were always in great hurry to close the case rather than understanding and solving the problem. Their final answer was “This is happening due to weak signals whenever I try to connect to the HDFC Mobile App”. This argument is absolutely flimsy and doesn’t hold any water since I could connect to the App using my friend’s phones or using my old ONEPLUS 2 phone using the same SIM from the same location and the same time. This shows NOKIA’s scant regard customer’s grievances. If none of you have same issue then it clearly indicates that something is wrong with my handset only.
So such a costly phone has this deficiency and its performance is not in line with what we all historically know about NOKIA as a brand.

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