Novaturient Visas – Payment Not Refunded- For Visa Processing; Novaturient Visas

Reported By: Nillesh Dingare

Contact information:
Novaturient Visas

Dear Sir,
We had enquired for tourist visa application for Ireland with novaturient visas in momnth of April 21. Ms. Deepika a former employee connected with us through email asking for list of documents required for process.

She also asked to pay RS. 20, 000 for the processing the application. The entire amount was paid through google app and requested documents were sent through mail.

The payment acknowledgement was received form their former employee Ms. Deepika Agarwal on 14th June. We were following up with company in regards to the progress but The company waited for almost 3 months and did not act upon our application.

And gave us various excuses that the immigration lawyers are unavailable and they would get back to us upon there availability. However, after few days we had to with draw the application due to personal reasons the mail for cancellation and refund was sent on 15th Sept.

The same was conveyed through mail to Mr. Amar the manager for Novaturient visas in Banglore. He along with his finance department replied on 15th Sept that the refund for the same will be processed within 30 working days.

We waited for the said duration, however when contacted Mr. Amar he denied any refund. He is now denying the refund and says it might be processed in matter of 90 days which was not as promised.

I have attached screen shots of all the communication between myself and the agency and have sufficient proof that we are being denied our rights as consumer.


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