Nownaukri – Extremely poor service/no response after collecting the payment

Dear sirs,

Please see the mail below and accordingly, I had remitted an amount of totally Rs. 11098/- on 15th Nov’14 for resume building and broadcast . I had also sent my resume towards the same and acknowledgement obtained from you.

Order No Service Amount
6143 Resume Builder India + Resume Broadcast India + Dream Job Finder 5899
6145 Resume Builder International + Resume Broadcast International 5199

I was mislead by your team member, Mr. Alok Mukarjee–Mobile No. 7835087115, as if, the ready vacancy available at J & J -at Singapore for the senior post and if I pay the above amount, the interview would be possible immediately.

Also, he had informed me, that, plenty of vacancies available at various FMCG companies at Chennai like Nestle etc…

I was literally pressurized by him to remit the amount immediately(within 2 hours of his discussion) and based on the assurances given by him, i was forced to remit the amount of Rs. 11098/-.

Subsequently, till date, no one had contacted me OR sent any mails(excepting that, i get a routine mails from you).

No resume draft was sent to me till date, although, it is nearly 60 days have passed.

In my opinion, this is atrocious & misleading the candidates.

Luring the candidates by false promises and asking them effect immediate payment is to be condemned.

Although, Naukri can’t fetch the job for candidates and is purely based on merits, I was mislead by the pressure applied by your people for remittance of payment, as if, this post was reserved for me.

Neither the draft resume nor any interview was arranged till date.

Not only this, no one had contacted me from your company on employment. I realize now, it is like a charity payment, which I had made it to you., .

As the services are extremely bad, I would request you to kindly refund the amount paid by me immediately.

I am not keen to continue the transactions with nownaukri any more.

By this mail, I would request the nownaukri team to end similar practices adopted.

Please forward this mail to your senior officials, who could respond fast.

My User ID:
[email protected]


S. Ramaswamy

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