Nstechnologies – Not transfer my salary cheat company

I joined this company in aug.2013, Mr. Narendra CEO, cheated me, he told me that our company site is ready, looking for new office, he has in-house development team, for software development, but all are false, now i have leave the company, and asking for my salary from last 1.5 months, but he is not responding. they are all shit. They told me that we have done 400 projects, but reality is zero, they have no any team for development, they are fraud, cheat, MF, dont join this company.

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  1. This message is just for the sake of the career of the employees like me and my colleagues working in the literally fake company named “NS technologies”. I do not call it but the company policies do so. This is to inform you all and specially the training and placement department of your honorable college that crook guys will visit your college regarding to give placement as the campus drive and announce that the company will give this much stipend(not more than 5,000Rs) during your training and this much package(1.2 to 1.8 LPA). Afterwards one email will be sent to your placement dept including your date of joining & salary details in that u will come to know that first 45 days you will paid nothing and next 45 days 5000 Rs per month. this is not enough and at the joining you will be shocked to see the infrastructure of the company just similar to a coaching center. When I joined this company at that worst moment I came to know that you should carry your own laptops again I shocked and it’s not the least, they have no any proper arrangement of electricity I often heard the irritating beep noise of the deep down discharged inverter for at least 1 or 2 hours and then the horrible noise of generator, now they don’t even have drinking water facility, attendance system on hand written register. They have reception counter but not receptionist. In the very starting days of the training they used to take the classes for hardly one to two hours and taught a short description of languages and ordered all you need to read out with internet tutorials.
    So, I request you that please don’t believe in such craps and stop them spoiling the career of the inspiring minds. Thank you for taking your time.
    Ex-employee at NS Technologies now at a honorable post in MNC