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Reported By: Raaina Khan

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Mar 28, 2016

Would you pay 600 rs to buy such a plant with no leaves??

Mar 28, 2016
They only post good reviews.
The free plants & seeds is not worth buying. I tried those seeds, nothing happened.
Locally purchased plants and seeds are better. The one from lalbagh bangalore, is more then 3 inch.
Apr 10, 2016

Plants are sure to die in transit. They are in transit for more than 3 days. Please don’t waste money.
Horrible customer service.
This picture they say plant reached in live condition no return. Why should i pay 209 rs for a plant with no leaves.

[email protected]
Jun 20, 2017

Never order.
They sent me all together different plants from what i ordered.
They show something else to you in images and at the time of delivery you will get all together different plants (Cheap plants).
They charge you for high grade plants but send cheap plants to you.
What a business of cheating.
Jun 20, 2017

They never refunded money or send any replacement.
Aug 26, 2017

Nurserylive is really cheating. I ordered set of 5 roses with them via order number d9xl055712. But all of the 5 roses were just stems without roots and they all were nearly dry. Now all are dead. I asked the company and they replaced only 2 rose plants.

The nurserylive website puts attractive pictures to attract money. But in reality they give bad quality plants.

Dishonest people who don’t care for customers.

I seriously don’t recommend nurserylive to anyone. Please don’t buy plants from this website.

Aug 31, 2017

Never order plants from this nursurylive as they r cheatind by sendind dead plants wdout no leaves plant, they r cheating people ‘so pls pls dont buy from them. They r looting bas
Oct 15, 2017

Received dead plants and they have tricks to defend
Magesh mothi
Mar 2, 2018

Nurserylive is really cheating. I ordered set of 3 different with them via order number ec1no33119. But they delivered two plants of the same type and one is kaada. They modified my order also to reflect what they deliver and their free rose plant was just a stem without roots and it came with no leaves on it. I tried to reach customer care but there is no response and keep trying.

Also, courier company delivered to the wrong address so all the plants were damaged, since people in that address where it was wrongly delivered opened the box and plants were damaged.

The nurserylive website puts attractive pictures to attract money. But in reality, they give bad quality plants.

Dishonest people who don’t care for customers.

I seriously don’t recommend nurserylive to anyone. Please don’t buy plants from this website.

Pratibha sen
Mar 15, 2018

I also ordered tuberose bulb. They charged me 170 for 10 bulbs. Most of the bulbs were dried. No bulb germinated even after 20 days. I complained to them. They said wait for 1 more week but still the same situation. Though it’s the season for it to sow and now its more than 1 month still i do not see any germination. Truly lier.
Also they sent free rose plant showing its cost rs250. But it’s cheap button rose which is drying now.
Arun chacko puthuppallil
Mar 27, 2018

#nurserylive cheated me… Never delivered the product i paid for. But delivered some false products with no value at all!!! Be careful before placing any order.. [protected]
Sunny ipe
Apr 24, 2018

Never order seeds fro nurserylive. I had ordered water melon seeds. Only one is germinated. When i had send a feed back. I got a reply from them that they will sell seeds they cannot guarantee germination. The attitude of nurerylive is far from satisfactory level.

Sunny k i, phone [protected]
Jul 4, 2018

All you get is just canned responses from their evil team. They are not bothered about the customers. Once you part with your money you can conclude that youve lost the gambling. After that, all your wails through emails and phone calls will be handled by bouncers who know their trade and you can be 100% sure that theyll win the argument and swindle your money with their so called policies and evil team. Never purchase anything from their site!
Raaina khan
3 minutes ago

I ordered seeds from nurserylive, they keep on showing seeds didn’t passed the quality test, after 2 tests, now status show shipped and then after 2 days dispatched, but no tracking id was given to me, so i mailed their team and asked if my product is dispatched where is my tracking id? So they gave me a tracking id, i tracked it on fedex it shows fedex id generated on…
I waited for a week again, no package received so i again asked nurserylive customer care, they didn’t answered, so i called fedex and asked them, they said package was never handled to fedex by your e-commerce website. I was like wtf… They think we customers are fool… I lost my money no package received / was never shipped by nurserylive. And they are not giving any answers now, loosing my money like this getting cheated given me nightmares. Just want my money back…

It has been 2 months already

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