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Reported By: Susali

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On 11th april 2020 i ordered rs 400/for two items, my order no #, 966. Till now neither the bazar has sent my grocery nor mailed me. The items are ashribad 10kg atta 1pack & emami 1lit pouch. Already i have loaded bill& payment sheet. When i searched my orders it has shown ur is processing
Consucatively 12th, 13 th &14th april. Today when i searched my orders it reflected u have no any order.

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  1. On 25 April 2020 I ordered Rs.1019/- grocery items my order number is 2942. Till now neither the bazzar has sent my grocery order order not mail me.
    Plz send my order otherwise cancelled order and refund my amount Rs.1019/-

  2. On 25′ April 2020 , I order Rs.2019/- for grocery items. My order number was s 2942. Till now neither the bazzar has sent my grocery not destpatch me.when O search my order it has shown after 1 week, Ur order is processin. After not opening sight or not send my order.
    So plz send my order or refund my amount immediately.
    Resham Singh

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