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Reported By: Som paul

Contact information:
Optibase Jharkhand /jamshedpur

Regards : Court Clearance for Breach Of Act 1872

We appreciate your Hard work which you have done day/night without seeing the time for the company to achieve the goal of 90% of the accuracy to get payment from the company , or may some time happens that not all time but some time helpline have not reply of your mail due to your not understanding the question and when you raise your Question you be on Quick but you must know that there is so much other reply of the customer they need to give answer too, When Lawyer called you please don’t we so frustrated we called you to resolve your matter and your issue and Which case has been assign to us and you must know in the agreement comes under these categories non submission / QC fail then you need to make payment of registration fees to our client else If you don’t make payment to our client as per an Indian Contract Act 1872 section 17 shall be imposed on you for negligence of payment and We also want to inform you that section 420 of IPC shall be imposed on you for doing fraud with our client for non payment of Registration amount and for what so ever condition it is not acceptable.
Abusive words : Section 66 A shall be imposed for using abusive words with our client and advocate legal firm.
Non Payment : If payment is not done then your case shall be transferred for further proceeding at an Arbitrary court, An arbitrary and conciliation act of 1996 as per an article 14 shall be imposed on you and you might need to pay Rs. 72105/ – for total loss to our client.
Legal Notice : It is like a final warning to the receiver that the sender is all prepared to initiate a legal action and it is the final opportunity for the receiver to resolve the issue in hand properly.
Today till 12:30 pm sharp you have time to resolve the matter or else as per the court – contempt of court case will be applied on you and you will be in the big mass.

Hard Copy Notice Period : Within 3 days to reply
Case Register Period : by today before 12:30 pm
Revert of Notice : within 3 days

Case Type:- Agreement Breaching
Case Status:- Approved
Case Register:- Under Section 37 & 73, 74,
Consignment No:- RG934046275IN

ADV. Anand Desai,
( B. Com, LL.B.)
Kamla Nehru Ridge, Bhiku Ram Jain Marg – Rajpur Rd, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054.
Advocate Association


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