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Reported By: Mallika25@

Contact information: B4/170B, New Delhi,

1. Ordered a t-shirt with them worth rs 500, and made an online transaction using paytm. Initially, they said they didn’t receive the payment and hence didn’t cater the transaction. But, due to proofs they finally agreed after almost a week.

2. Even after repetitive reminders, they didn’t deliver the t-shirt. When i told them that i’ll complain they finally responded and delivered the tee.

3. To my disappointment, the t-shirt was not the one i ordered, and super thick stuff (Contradictory to what they gave in the details about) was delivered.

4. I initiated a request to them to refund or replace my t-shirt with at least the one i had ordered, but to my shock even after 15 days they haven’t even responded.

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