PANASONIC LCD TV – selling their failed / defective models

I have been a fan of Panasonic tvs for almost 25 yrs due to their very natural and plesent colours. also, their quality has been good.

but, Panasonic india, its different. I bought two lcd tcs in nov 2010. both tvs fail regularly. every time the board needs to be replaced cost 9000, if u opt for repair 5000 and repair gurantee is one month.

replacement guarantee is also one month.

the repaired board failed again within 10 months is one case and 1 month in the second case.

that means I need to send rs 5000/9000 per year to keep the tv going. more than my fuel expenditure for the year.

and the best thing, new tv costs 22000.

I think Panasonic is selling their failed / defective models in india, since consumers get taken for suckers here.

never again Panasonic tv.

anyone can recommend a better tv brand other than sony. I want to permanently get out of Panasonic and personally recommend to all, never buy Panasonic tvs.

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