Patilputra finance – froud company

Patilputra finance is a froud company told me that they will be providing loan from pmeg.Evan givan me number of doc officer.but none of them are picking call now.taken 60000 thousands from me.
25000 contribution amount
10000 insurance
20000 on line transactions
5000 project file
Name shivam Singh 09507493500
Ankush pandey 07282965983
Ashutosh Rana dic officer 8745876258
Samar anand a/c 42270100002205
Ifsc code barbosarasw saraswati vihar Delhi
[email protected] name chandan Singh
Office address.patilputra finance
Company owner.chandan Singh
Office number number 02 near
Patlipuutra golambar Patna Bihar 800013
Koi mujhe insaaf dila sakta hai mujhe loan nahi mere paise vapas dila de

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  1. Hello, they have cheated me as well. Same set of people. Mera vi 50000 le liya in logon ne. Sab mile hue hai. I wish koi mere paise wapas dila de.

    1. manju yadav 9782313706

      Hi friends ese Bethe rhne se kuch nahi yoga mere bhi 3,50000 rupee le liye hemein kuch krna hoga in logon ki vejeh se meri family depration mein h yar seb mil kr sochte h kuch kerte h inke khilaf

      1. even i have lost 28000 so far with Ashutosh and this fuc*** ankush pandey . he was asking for 15000 insurance abnd 10000 for agreement. but I stopped as I got to know there intentions. please let me knwo if something can be done.. I am with you