Paymanthra Business Services — They charge very huge for a fake service

Hello Guys,

I have taken a service from this company (PAYMANTHRA BUSINESS SERVICES)( 8 months back. Initially they said only 50, 000 for a White Label service, but later after paying this 50k they keep on telling some fake issues and charged almost 2.7 Lakhs so far. Every time they use to say some technical issue and they asked me to pay lot of money. I only paid the money to save my previous money, but now it’s almost crossed 2.7Lakhs.

Mainly Mr.Arun ( Big Fraud-er ), he always gives some bloody examples and convince me if I ask for some issue to resolve.

I promise still now i have spent around 3 Lakhs but not even earned 10, 000 bucks. Not even single day their service works fine, every day some issue will be there. No one will be available to resolve the issue. Mr.Arun always says that Mr.Deva will take care. Here is other waste fellow who never replies to the mails.

Arun said that 34 lines customer care there in PAYMANTHRA company, but not even single number worked from last 8 months. He also said that there are more than 150 white label customers, 5000 retailers and distributors around India who are using their services, but I don’t know how they maintaining all those customers with his single mobile number.??

They will provide the services like Mobile recharges, Money Transfer, Bus, Air Tickets, Utility Bill payments, API’s etc., but no service will work fine. He will call continuously till we take the service from them, but there will be no response after we PAY money.

I only know the person is Mr.Arun (Big Cheater), but he never responds the call. Always he will tell that he got some accident and joined in hospital. Till now he said this bahana 8 times to me.He never responds the call.

If I ask him to REFUND my money, he says that as per company T&C there will be no REFUND. But their company also not registered in MCA which I got to know very recently.

This bloody Bast**s neither REFUND the money nor GIVE the SERVICE.

Friends, Please don’t go with this company and make your pockets empty. Any how I lost my money around 3 Lakhs, but please don’t loose your money by spending for their services. They never give proper service. Later they blackmail for more money to resume the services, if we don’t pay they will tell that they gonna stop all the services and NO REFUND.

Please beware of this FAKE COMPANY “PAYMANTHRA BUSINESS SERVICES” ( A CHENNAI BASED COMPANY). They simple sucks the money without any service.


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