PayPal – PayPal facilitates scammers

Reported By: Mark

Contact information:
PayPal San Jose, California, USA

I’m sorry to report that PayPal seems to be enabling scammers in India to conduct fraud against job seekers thereby being an accessory to fraud. Recently the Indian police closed down and started an investigation against Wisdom Jobs in Hyderabad for over the years offering nonexistent jobs and requiring payments for these non jobs to set up fake interviews and process documents. I fell victim to another company doing the same thing – They called me telling me an international school in the city I live in had reviewed my documents and decided I was a good match for a job they wanted to fill., which is also in Hyderabad, India, told me they would arrange a phone interview with a Richard Ballard at the school but I had to pay $180 first. The pay and benefit package was very good and I was being rushed by to hurry and arrange the phone interview. I used PayPal to send them the $180. Before The phone interview I found there was a real Richard Ballard working at the school by finding his Facebook and
LinkedIn pages. The phone interview ended with a date set to meet face to face with him at the school later in the month and also ended on a very positive note. However after a week I started to have suspicions. First I checked my PayPal and found the payment went to a company called Vardhamaan consulting solutions. I did an internet search and found a complaint posted warning people about Vardhamaan consulting solutions and another job site they have describing the same fraudulent practices Wisdom Jobs was guilty of. I also called the school and asked to speak with Richard Ballard. It turned out the real Richard Ballard had never spoken to me, never had a phone interview with me, ntyulor arranged a face to face meeting. I then filed a complaint with PayPal telling the same story I have related here but in more detail and provided a link to the complaint webpage. PayPal claimed they contacted Vardhamaan consulting solutions, talked to them, and then decided in their favor rejecting my claim for a refund of the $180. This makes me suspicious about PayPal. With all the evidence I provided, and the name of Richard Ballard they could contact, why would they so quickly side with international criminals. I would encourage the public to think twice about opening a PayPal account and encourage the authorities to investigate PayPal’s lack of fraud controls.

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