Phulkari Couture – fraud

Reported By: Rgb1234

Contact information:
Phulkari Couture

The experience with this woman has been nothing short of a nightmare. Not only did she not send what she promised, she is completely unresponsive. When she wants your order she will answer right away and get you to send money and then not reply for weeks. Finally she sent us pics of the outfits and we thought Ok, she’s made them so she must have to send them. We paid the remaining amount and then she fell off the face of the earth. All of a sudden a package shows up on our door step. My sisters dupatta (its a one size fits all thing and standard length) was so short, we cannot use it. And mine the color was fading and I can’t even put it in a drawer with other clothes, its bleeding so bad. I have never had this with any other piece of clothing. We’ve been messaging/emailing back but no reply. Please move on, don’t order from her. She is a liar and fraud and is reading all our messages on insta and whatsapp, but ignoring each and every one. I’m disgusted .

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