Planman Technologies – Fake company

HEy guys i had just got a worst experience of my Life.

i got a job in “PLanman technologies” Now “Contentra technologies”.
i was very happy after getting this job, But sooner my all happines shreded when i come to know that this company is blacklisted.

the hr told me Rs 4000 Stipend for 4 months will be give to the freshers, soone i come to know that stipend will start after 3 months, i was shocked that wat the hell they are doing to us guys.

You know all that residing in delhi without money is a hard matter, dats why i deciced to quit this company.

guys Be aware of this scam company…………!!

Arindam chaudhary ( IIPM wala) is the owner of this company.

Chor saaaala

Planman technologies F**ks
Contentra technologies S**cks
naam badal liyaa choron ne company kaaaa

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