Plum and Sugar Hsr – Damaged and not what i asked for

Reported By: Tseteej Shiwakoty

Contact information:
Plum and Sugar Hsr Bengaluru

Me and my friend had gone to this saloon we had heard about Plum and Sugar Hsr Banglore on 13th June 2022 around 1 pm.
I asked them to highlight my hair Ash grey and my friend asked to give a Global highlight. They charged us 16k and just in a single day my hair colour has faded to Golden blonde and my friend’s global highlights are done in all patches. ( Some places brown and some black).
The same day we called in again for booking appointment for the next day so they can have a chance to get it back right. But instead even after booking an appointment they made us come to the saloon and in 5 min sent us back saying they are busy and come another day. This makes us look like fools. No professionalism, no quality so how come they still call themselves the best saloon in HSR?
Now my hair is damaged and looks like some bird has just pooped in parts of my hair. Not acceptable at all. Just in a single day colour faded . So I assume 16k which they charged us is for what exactly that is what I want to know. Full on hauox saloon. The photo i submitted below is the 2nd day of the hair colour which was supposed to be Ash grey but to me looks more like blone patches. Can only send 1 image otherwise would send another image of my friend too who had patches all over. Really not satisfied and feels like a scam. Now I really don’t trust Plum and Sugar so i demand my refund so I can buy the colour and colour it myself at home which I can do far better.

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* Go to page
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Plum and Sugar Hsr.

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