Plum and sugar Saloon – Damaged my hair

Reported By: Michel Rai

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Plum and sugar Saloon Bangalore

On june 13th me and my friend had gone To this Salon named Plum and Sugar Hsr So my friend wanted to do a highlight of ash grey colour and I had wanted global highlights and they charged us in total 16k. In a day I could see my colour had all faded away in patches. We booked an appointment for next day. So we went it tge next day to see if they can make it right but they told us they were busy even after we booked an appointment.
Im really really disheartened. They damaged my hair in one go and i will not let it go just like tgis
I have invested my hard earned money for what ? Scamsters?
Im sorry to say but Me and my friend we both want a refund and cannot trust Plum and Sugar saloon at all.The below uploaded picture is of my hair one day after the Global highlights which they charged 16k

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* Write Plum and sugar Saloon in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Plum and sugar Saloon.

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