Pmr Info Solution chennai – Fraud Consultancy

Guys dont go to this consultancy (Pmr info solutions -Anna nagar) my personal suggestions dont go and waste your time there they will tell you some of the big company names like samsung, hyundai, apolla tyres, tcs through backdoor process and they will collect 6 months salary as a service charge and its not a sure process so dont go and dont waste your time… So please be careful and dont make your life as a dust bin and your family will route you like as foot for nothing and if ask him the money back he will make you trouble.

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  1. I agree that its very tough to get a job
    That is why we prefer a consultancy
    When I called them they said they have nearly 5 front door openings
    After giving 100 rupees, they are saying that they have only backdoor openings

    1. After getting 100rs, they call up the next day asking 1000rs
      After paying 1000rs, they say to wait for call from companies..
      They behave as if its the best consultancy
      My foot
      In the beginning, they wont say to submit the marksheets while going for the interview, when they discuss about a company, at that time they say that they need something for security purpose..
      What the hell
      Even if they behave very well, I got to know that they are cheating us..
      Cheating all the candidates…

  2. while registering with 100rs, they say they have many openings
    on giving 1000rs for registration of 5 companies interviews, they say that ther were openings last week, but not this week..
    Really Fraud

  3. pmr info consultancy TIRUMANGALAM branch (chennai) ….no 1 FRAUD consultancy guys starting they ask 100rs for register..after 3 days they call back and sugest company..the company they prefer is tie up with the consultany nothing looking good in the preferable company…we want to pay 6month salary before get the offer letter and consultancy get the original mark sheet also..if we not pay money they wont give our mark sheet…there is no security for our money after give..WHO EVER LOOKING FOR SOFTWARE FIELD PLEASE I BEG YOU GUYS DONT GO THERE BECAUSE ITS NOT IT COMPANY ITS LOOK LIKE A COMPUTER LAB IN COLLEGE..WE ARE ALL THINKING IF WE ENTER IN SOFTWARE FIELD OUR LIFE WILL DEVELOP..OUR LIFE IS END IF WE GO PMR INFO CONSULTANCY,…we are 10 members each one pay 60,000…for software..nothing in that company its like a lab in college..we ask money from consultancy they tell what proof you have for the money that u give…please dont go

    1. thk god ,thk q so much for giving valuable info ,,,my family suffering from financial fathers trust i wil give relief for his hard work,i thought to go this pmr solutions ,,,thk god

  4. I never seen such a fraud consultancy .i completed BE CSE they offer one company back door process..for formality they conduct an interview and hr said i forward your offer letter to pmr info..i pay 70,000 thousand before get the offer letter ..after enter the company only i know its not a real project no training money waste time waste we not gain any experience in pmr preferable company.dont waste your time and money..pmr uses super technique we nearly spend 4lakh for our degree..they ask 70,000 to settle but its end guys ..dont go there please..

  5. thanks guys… recently i had a phone call from this for an interview… thank u for these preventive comments

  6. why guyz no one give any complaint to police?
    why till your allowing such companies in market?
    It may affect others life know?

  7. please give complaint in police iam also come … no one have a guts to give a complaint because iam not a fraud …the guys are fraud and any want solutions he come to my office and ask me thats only he get a solutions IF THE GUYS ARE SAID IAM A FRAUD PLEASE GO AND GIVE COMPLAINT IN POLICE STATION

    1. Dai tevdeya pundai. Fraud nayae, oru appanukku perantavana nee, tevdeya mavana, consultancy nadattureya ella prostitute nadatureya,

    2. Dai tevdeya pundai. Fraud nayae, oru appanukku perantavana nee, tevdeya mavana, consultancy nadattureya ella prostitute nadatureya…….

  8. Dear All,

    Dont believe others comments and view, everyone hav their own perception, view and expectation, If that expectation is their, or they cannot able to perform well they will complaint to others.So my personal advice is you go and experience then comment about any company.

    My personal experience I am so happy the service provided to me. Additionally I would like to thanks, staffs of PMR for the service provided to me.

  9. No way!! thanks for saving me and my time friends. It’s totally unfair to charge such exorbitant fee, I’d rather check websites like etc for free and have to submit only my resume.

  10. Hi frnds dnt believe that PMR guys words above here, the students only stand behind the truth., its a fraud, how they do lik these.. f*ck!!!! they will go to hell only by doing these.

  11. thanks guys ….last week only they called me and said to attend the interview …any way I understand by ur words guys thanks

  12. He is fraud consultancy in chennai they gave us cheques of 60000 / = each that was dated on 15 july 2014 but these cheques bounced in YES BANK .We are two persons from srinagar kashmir who got an offer from S.s sarapa consultancy pvt ltd chennai 600005

  13. He is fraud consultancy in chennai they gave us cheques of 60000 / = each that was dated on 15 july 2014 but these cheques bounced in YES BANK .We are two persons from srinagar kashmir who got an offer from S.s sarapa consultancy pvt ltd chennai 600005
    We went almost 5 times there again in his office but no ruselt
    We need our money back

  14. Just now they called and asked me to attend interview and reg fee 100 ………thank u all guys….. ..I feel. Very sad about those people who s suffering becoz of that PMR……

    1. Time god i just attended yesterday ,but they are giving assurance for a year,how it is possible can anyone tell how this possible???????????

  15. Rouf Ahmad Qazi

    Also Attention Income Tax Department of Inda and Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India.
    Take action S.S.Sarapa Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd
    Please Find attachments.
    He take advance payment from 450 candidates minumum advance he take Rs.60000 and maximum Rs.1,40,000 approx He take 4 Crore rupees from candidates againt australia job at basis of registration Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India {MCA} but still MCA not action him.
    we are two persons from kashmir india. And ss sarapa consultancy services 49/105, CNK road,Triplicane,Chepauk Chennai-600005. This company owner ZAKIR HUSSAIN offer us Australia jobs they are telling us Rs.360000 total service charge and they are told us arrange advance Rs.60000 and we both arrange Rs.60000 each and both total Rs.1,20000
    then send by demand draft on 17-06-13 and till date we not getting visa they are telling us visa process time 90 days but now cross one year above. Also we visit 5 times chennai and every trip to chennai we expenses Rs.15 thousand 5 trips total Rs.75000 travel trip srinagar to chennai and chennai to srinagar with hotel room and with food . Also he waste our career from 17 june 2013. Also we paid Medical for australia Rs.3070 each person. Now 20 june 2014 our latest travel to chennai and we visit sarapa office then we both party agree cancel this project then he gave us yes bank two post date cheques amount Rs.60000 each cheque date 15 july 2014 but both cheques dishonour. And now we call zakir but he dont pickup our calls .
    from, Rouf Ahmad Qazi & Azad Rashid
    contact: 09796782787 and 09797991831

  16. Guys, PMR is a pucca fraud consultancy. They have link with fraud companies who will cheat U by saying they will provide the job. DONT EVER GO.
    If so go & test them by asking questions.
    Staffs working in PMR, Will u cheat ur brothers & Sisters got cheated like that????

    BE HUMAN…..

  17. Thanx for d info guys….coz i got a call couple of minutes ago….frm a gal named prabha asking to pay rs.100…!!!!!!…

  18. they called jst nw nd they asked me to attnd the intrvw nd reg fee 100rs.. thnx u so much for ur commends guys.. am just escape

  19. thanks friends for sharing your complaints …. actualy i planned to go through that consultancy thank you frnd and hope you will get good job…

  20. thanku guys…i cal them about recruitment. .they told me to meet them in their office with 100rs reg fees.i decide to go there 2mrow..but seeing ur comments, I realize pmr is a fraud consultancy..