Ponytail Salon And Spa – hair treatment did not produce expected results

Reported By: Priyanka Khabiya

Contact information:
Ponytail Salon And Spa
NGR Arcade,1567, 1st floor, 27th Cross Rd, 2nd Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

This is the email which I shared to them and they have not responded on the same.
Last Saturday which is 14/09/2019 I took Keratin treatment service from Ponytail spa and salon located in HSR, Bangalore. On the next day (In 24 hours), which is on 15/09/2019 I got my first hair wash done.

As it’s advised in Keratin to use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner for the effect to last longer, I washed my hair with the same on 18/09/2019. Post that my hair looked the same as before. They didn’t look even close to what I was promised. I reported the issue on the same day and visited the parlour next Saturday 21/09/2019 for resolution.

On my visit, I talked to the stylist who did the treatment, they said they can’t help me. Its Keratin treatment we can’t guarantee anything in it.

I am really upset with the cold response provided to me. You go to a salon to look good but the complete opposite has happened to me. Now my hair is short and looks very stupid.

I have spent a whopping amount of Rs.5000 to destroy my hair.
Please let me know if you could do anything to solve my case.

Here is my contact number: *****, just in case you want to understand the problem again.
I have pictures of my hair. Let me know if you need it.

In any case, I expect you to reply to the email with the next step you want to take.

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