Poor maintenance of reliance cell tower in guntakal 515801 in P&T colony.

There is a reliance cell tower at the side of my home in P & T colony, guntakal 515801. it is erected in a 60×40 site and the complete area is filled with tall grass and bushes and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, snakes and other harmful insects. we have already killed three snakes in our compound because of the bushes in the reliance compound. we want them to take some permanent action to clear the area of all the bushes and grass to prevent snakes and mosquitoes from thriving there.

Also the exhaust piper of the existing generator is very low and every time the generator is switched on heavy exhaust fumes keep entering our home, causing respiratory problems. they can be advised to raise the height of the exhaust pipe so that the fumes go above the house rood..

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