Prapthi Technology Services (P) Ltd Fraud Quality and Doing Fraud Thing with taking Money

Dear All,

prapthi has giving the project on fraud basis. majorly he is using our data and giving to other vendor, once they got caught by vendor than he is using mangesh name.

Currently he has not having quality things and doing fraud thing by our name. we have proof attached recording in that he has accept that mangesh giving the work on his company name. but reality is that he is the one of cheater who is taking project and giving another vendor for fraud thing.

Please dont work this people , if you require any details of this company please mail to hr

find the recording link for your refrences.

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  1. These guys are the most irritating. Call them fake or fraud, the pester you for money initially before giving the work. And then they dont give you payment saying that ee have not received it. Then they blame other companies just to show off. Guys…dont belive this company. They are scam

  2. pavitra venkatesh

    Dont leave these guys. Cheating poor people and blaming other companies. These think that they are big shots. They dont know that they will pay for consequences.

  3. Good guys have made us listen to the audio. Mr Magesh has absconded is it. These people r now asking you for the payment. And did they pay those people who they have given work to. Ha ha…This is industry has been spoilt by these people.

    You get these people behind bars immediately. The owner of this company also will abscond once the people come to know that they are working with a fake company..

  4. Can we get the full details about this company. Like their company name. Contact person, phone number etc.

    We will ensure that these people will never get any work from anywhere. And also provide us the proof for further investigation to proceed with the process..we have sent a test mail to please revert us back with valid proof against this organisation. We run a blog and we mention list of fake companies there.


  5. A company in UK is cheating u..My God. Looking at the name I thought its an Indian company. These people put fake address and fake names just to cheat poor people. Wonderful recording. Good job Syntax Info.

  6. Hello Sir,
    We are a company put up in Mysore. If you giving work. please let us know. We will not outsource the work like these people. And we will give you good quality work also. I have sent a mail to the email id you gave. Please give me work..

    Arasu technologies

  7. Syntax ITES Pvt Ltd – Pucca Fraud Company – Cheating Payments -No 1 Fraud company in India

    Don’t do business with Syntax ITES Pvt Ltd We have done IEEE and Pearson work for “Syntax ITES Pvt Ltd”(In some mails they mentioned their company name as “Shah InfoTech”) from 05-January 2013 to 05-February 2013. They haven’t released the payment for the work we have done for us IEEE= 75,552 INR and PEARSON= 3,157 INR Total Amount: 78,709 INR We have approached them many times regarding this and there was no proper response from them so far. Let me describe how we got cheated in detail: A person from Pondicherry UT (Faisal’s friend) informed us about Faisal(Key person in all the fraud activities) and his company “Syntax ITES Pvt Ltd”.He communicated us like Faisal from mumbai is having so many direct projects in Data Conversion(Enormous Volume) with him and since he have a very small Team with him which can’t handle that big volume he is planning to outsource the files to many centres across India who are ready to provide Quality Output and also he is ready to provide a very decent rate for XML,IEEE and Pearson work. Once after this we have communicated Faisal over his Mobile Phone: +91 9773239786,shared our Company profile,done samples to prove our Quality work.He told us he was very impressed over our work and he committed us like we will be getting good volume from his company for the next 2 Years and communicated the rates displayed below on a per page basis. Rate approved by him are as follows:(We have mail proof with us) We can provide you rate as per complexity. XML process:- Medium-8; Complex-10 HTML process:- Simple -8,Medium- 12,Complex -18 If the quality come 100% without error than 21 We trusted his magic words (Honey words-Only Professional Cheaters talk like this)since he have committed a good volume for the next 2 years with decent price. As everyone in this field I am also impressed over them and ready to do work for them as they have Good Website,Branch offices in UK and India(Mumbai,Bangalore and Chennai) and we have allocated 15 peoples especially for his process and most of the days my employees are set free. As he have committed he haven’t allocated files on a regular basis(whenever we call he told us the same repeated words 1. “We are downloading files from FTP” once downloaded we will upload to you. 2. I am in client meeting talking for more volumes(sometimes even if we call at regular intervals right from Morning to Midnight,he is telling the same lie). 3. Won’t pick Phone(Few times Message will be like this”I am in a meeting yar,call you later)(Most of the times not picking calls for continuous 2-3 days)sometimes his mobile is switched off for continuous 2 days). Because of this we had a Huge loss as we have paid salary for all the 15 employees for the whole period. Since he haven’t followed his words(fully false commitments,haven’t sent the NDA even after we have request for the same multiple times over phone and email),we planned to stop working with him after a month to avoid further losses and raised invoice for the work we have done based on the rates he have committed over phone and email. Whenever we ask payment for the Invoice we have raised,he and his HR(Deepali) telling some lame excuse and postpone the payment date. This way 1 month is over,after that we got news from many vendors who are doing process for them(Syntax Info) like nobody got payment and they got cheated.(I personally know nearly 7 vendors who got cheated for lakhs and lakhs of rupees).We came to know they have cheated nearly 17 Vendors in Southern India itself. When we came to know all these we have pushed them over phone and email for payment.They told us everytime today or tomorrow it will be released. Atlast when I am started arguing with “Faisal”for payment,he was angry over me and told clearly we got work from nearly 17 centres and haven’t paid for none and we can’t do him anything. He also added he(Faisal) have committed only file rate on “Per Article Basis” and not on “Per Page Basis”. Most of the Articles have more than 18 pages,This means he will pay 8 Rupees for 18 Pages on an Average that is not even 40 paise per page. Who will do per page on 00.40 paise rate? He is simply fooling others,he have committed he will pay on per page basis but refusing once we raise invoice. After this we have tried many times he is not even picking call. I am shocked to hear that as he is twisting everything to avoid paying us. Since he is new to me we have recorded all the conversations right from the start between me and Faisal and we have them safe,we have Oral proof (Voice recording) when he confirm on pricing over phone for “per page basis” Also we have all the Mails safe on my outlook for all the conversations between our company and Faisal Team. If he is not willing to close this case on mutual agreement within next week,I am going to proceed with legal activities to avoid other’s from getting cheated out of their company. I came to know once again they are planning to cheat(2nd Round) small companies in the name of outsourcing their work and I am sharing my experience to ensure no body should be cheated like me in future. I humbly request companies not to do business with them as they are totally cheat and you will not be getting single paise from them for your valuable work. Fraud Company details: Company name: “Syntax Info” or “Shah InfoTech” Contact Person’s : 1. Md.Faisal(Designation: Production Director) , 2. Shahida Yadgiri(Production-from Mumbai office), 3. Sandesh(Project Manager), 4. Deepali(HR) E-Mail address: 1. Md.Faisal( , 2.ShahidaYadgiri(, 3. Sandesh(, 4. Deepali( Contact Numbers: 1. Office:022-65265013, 022-65265018 2. Faisal: +91 9773239786 3. Sandesh(+91 9773906897) Sandesh Skype_id: sandesh_gurav

  8. Simply laughing at his reply, How can a company be professional which changes his Mobile at random intervals.
    Faisal who is the In charge and owner of the company reached one of my office MR today over mobile from a new mobile number, Today he have told he is not the owner and someone is the owner.They are playing with poor vendors like us.
    Also he threatens us if we are not removing this complaint he will make some of his 25 Vendors to make complaint against us and they will write false information about us in various blogs they know to blacklist us.(we have call recording for this entire conversation)

    We know how to tackle this as Truth us with us.

    This clearly denotes they are a scam company(Syntax ITES Pvt Ltd”(In some mails they mentioned their company name as “Shah InfoTech”)

    Once after raising invoice and payment issue happens you have changed your number to completely cheat me.
    We have got an email from your so far regarding quality issue and TAT, so far only for updation not for any quality issue or for any penalty.
    If there is anything show as proof.
    We have all the proof’s to show you are are a scam company(Mail Proof, Voice Recordings)

    Now after 8 Months you are talking about our quality (What a Joke? ha ha ha) and due to that you have lost 3 lakh payment.How professional you are???

    Why we need to come to our office? To make us more loss on Travel right?

    Your statement shows you have 75 Vendor’s with you, not even MNC’s in Data conversion have these number of Vendors for oursourcing.
    List all your 75 Vendors here with their contact details if you really have guts.Don’t fool others.

    Everyone knows about our quality and about yourself professionalism, we don’t need your recommendation.

    This is only a sample.

    I will write on all the local and international blogs about your real stand as my intention is nobody should be cheated like me in future.

  9. Beside my issues, I have laughed continuously after reading the update from Mumbai HR(“Syntax ITES Pvt Ltd”(In some mails they mentioned their company name as “Shah InfoTech”).
    How can a Professional company complains now after 8 Months our Quality is not good and that’s why they have rejected all our files.
    (We have received only updation mail for new clients updates and we never received any Quality issue mail or TAT issue mail from Syntax).
    This clearly denotes they are scam company.

    When we ask for payment, syntax told us to raise invoice that is happened after 2 months from the production date(How can they ask us raise invoice if the our Total files are rejected due to quality issue).

    We are working for Syntax for more than a month, they are sending work on regular basis, if our quality was poor, why they are sending volumes and get output for the same for a month.(This is also false statement).

    I am not magesh vendor(He only referred you) and we have worked directly with you and all the mail communications are between my company and you.This is also false.

    One more joke(Syntax got loss of 3 Lakh loss from their client because of us but our total invoice rate mentioned by Syntax here is 15, 000 INR) Are you thinking we are fools???

    You want us to come over to Mumbai to make further loss to us.

    Syntax says we are the only one company complaining against them out of their 75 Vendors.In India so many big MNC’s are there in this field, they itself not have 75 Vendors but this scam company have 75 Vendors, what a Joke(Ha Ha Ha…).

    If they have really 75 Vendors and if they really have guts they can display all the 75 Vendors list, their website and contact numbers to prove themselves.

    Today Faisal from Syntax reached one of our Management representative on his Mobile number from an New(Unknown number)
    and requested us to remove the “Complaint”.Also he told he will pay 30, 000 to remove this complaint raised by us(15, 000 INR through his company and 15, 000 INR on his personal).( I have recorded this call and have this voice recording)
    If mistake is not from their side why they are willing to pay amount to close this issue.

    We have requested to pay atleast 60, 000 INR(Out of our Total Invoice Amount: 78, 709 INR) but he refused and threatens me he will not pay and added he will make his HR(Deepali) to write bad about us on forums and make us blacklisted.

    We know how to tackle this issue as we have so many scam companies in this field.

    We are going to write about “Syntax ITES Pvt Ltd”(In some mails they mentioned their company name as “Shah InfoTech”) in all the local and Global forums until they come to a mutual agreement and release our payment.

  10. Hi Faisal(Production Director-Syntax),

    Many Thanks for sharing the Voice file(Which itself says you are an scam company)anybody can listen to it.
    Even a small kid who listen to it knows problem is only with Syntax side.(In some mails they mentioned their company name
    as “Shah InfoTech”)

    Few of the notable discussion points Highlighted here for viewers reference:

    1. Me(Savilasan) talking to him(Mr.Faisal-Syntax Info) very politely.

    2. I have clearly informed faisal so many affected centres are there in South India who got cheated like us by

    Syntax(Faisal Company).Both Faisal and Magesh are doing these fraud activities as a Group.

    3. I am telling in Voice file You(Faisal-Syntax) granted permission to Magesh to get vendors for his company(Syntax) and

    for that faisal replied Ye(which means yes).This clearly states he is doing all these activities along with him.

    4. He(Faisal-Syntax) requested me to delete first and agreed to close the issue on mutual understanding.(If no problem is

    with Syntax why they are coming for mutual understanding).

    5. He(Faisal-Syntax) is asking why I am mentioning Shah Infotech in Complaint, I have clearly explained the reason for the

    same.(Refer Voice file)

    6. He(Faisal-Syntax) committed me he will release payment that too good payment(If our files are totally rejected for

    Qulaity and TAT why he have confirmed on voice file he will pay good payment(payment) to me.(Refer Voice file)

    7. Faisal given an open statement in Voice file, Syntax have removed Sandesh(Project Manager-Syntax) who is giving fraud

    data to Vendors and also he(sandesh) collected 50, 000 INR for getting projects from Syntax.(This clealry states key

    persons in Syntax itself involved in doing all the fraud activities).
    If syntax is a reputed company they would have mailed to all vendor’s we have removed Sandesh(Syntax Project Manager)

    clealry stating no vendor should keep in touch with him.
    We have never recived a mail like this and not even they have orally informed to us.

    8. He(Faisal-Syntax) told his company will pay 15, 000 INR through his company(Syntax) and remaining 15, 000 INR from

    his(Faisal) pocket.If they are 100% honest company(syntax) why they are trying to pay us?

    Krishnan R.

  11. pavitra venkatesh

    Extremely sorry for my last complaint i have posted on September 22,2013.

    Faisal from Syntax forced me to complaint against Prapthi Technology Services,I have done that since Faisal(Syntax Info Owner) holded my payment and threatening me to do this.If I do he will release my payment within 3 days.

    More than 1 week over so far he haven’t relesed my payment and trying to cheat me once again.

    I think Prapthi company is also cheated by Faisal(Syntax Info) like us.

  12. Hi,

    I dont know pavitra venkatesh, please carry on with this work but i dont have time to reply for this, if any thing you want to discuss come at my office and clear that.

  13. krishnan and savilasan,

    I have all the proof why you are not coming and meet me, ok you carry on this blog but i can give only give one day in a week for reply . best of luck

  14. Sorry Faisal,
    I had gone mad to have complained against you..I really apologize for that. Please dont take any action against our company. We admit and confirm that Magesh was before all this.
    People, sorry, pls do continue to work with Syntax. We were not aware about the terms and conditions.
    We cant remove our complaint. hence we apologise to here in public.
    We are sorry for our mistakes

    Sorry again

  15. pavitra venkatesh

    Sorry krishnan,
    The first message was my own. The second message for posted because you blackmailed me. We are your vendors, not Faisal’s. I put that message because you told me you will release my billing if I post it. Its 4 days now and you haven’t paid us the billing as per your words. Its again a week end. Means till monday you will not release payment. So I am sorry that I need to post this complaint again. Please release my 46000/- payment. or else I think I have to take legal action about you and your bloody company. This is a final warning. If you play such cheap game anymore, We also know your cheap behaviour against ladies like me and blackmailing in many other ways to pay us.

    Release our payment now.