PRECIGO DEVELOPERS PVT LTD – Misbehaviour and Harassment from the Director and Employees of Precigo Developers, Dommasandra, Bengaluru When Asked For Refund

Reported By: RESHMI V S

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Hi All,
This is to bring to your notice about a property fraud in the name of “Excel Pebble creek, Sarjapura Bengaluru” , Marketed by Precigo Developers Dommasandra.
(Please read till the end to know the true colors of these people).

We were looking for a villa in Bangalore and stumbled upon a project named Excel Pebble Creek in Sarjapura,Bengaluru.
The builder was “Precigo developers,Dommasandra” who was also the marketing team (also the front end for Land owners) and land was from Excel dwellings.
Paid a token of 50,000 and by evening to block plot 66 of survey 128 (which was carved out of 6 acre 20 guntas ) we started getting call from precigo stating there are other buyers waiting and we need to pay total 10% ( 7,50,000) in order to have it blocked. We were in touch with Rajesh Deenadayalan who looked down to earth and all.
We were assured that this was a clear title and hence forth we went for a payment of 10% on Dec 23, 2021.
Not even a single construction had started in the layout and all they did was work on the greenery. Every month we were told that the construction will start next month and that month never arrived . when we asked for the reason – we were told – Khata issues, bank loan issues, some people don’t want construction now, etc etc. they had different answers each time and whenever asked “Constructions will start from next month” was the copy paste answer.
We also proceeded for loan from HDFC, which got approved in about 10 days time.
They told us that they have a team of architects ( only one person, who was fired and is not working with them anymore) and when we confronted to have the floor plan done, Ms Swathi told us that the floor plan cannot be done unless 20% of total cost is paid.
We were forced to pay next 10% of overall (Rs 7,50,000) to have the floor plan done. By then Rajesh Deenadayal started showing his true colors. He started saying “ its already late for registration, only ours is pending”
We paid a total of Rs 8,69,000 to Precigo developers and Rs 6,30,000 to excel towards land cost.
and within a week of payment, we somehow saw a complaint about a writ petition by Mr Ramesh SM in high court ( wp 12056/2008) and it was pending judgement.
We immediately asked the HDFC POC to stop the loan process ( we were about to go to HDFC office and have the loan released in about 3 days)

Ms Swathy Satish was forcing us to go to the HFDC office to have the loan amount released ( about 26 Lakhs as 80% of the total land cost).
We had to ask Thirumurugan about the case and judgement and he denied any case. He said such a case doesn’t exist and we can have the registration done and build the house.
The judgement clearly says the land is with the Govt and hence its illegal to do any activity there.
Now comes the torture part.
My husband went to the Precigo Office on Sept 10, 2022 for cancellation and returned all document to them. ( which they wanted to have the cancellation started). Rajesh Deenadayal was very arrogant and when my husband asked where the director is, he said “ I don’t know” and he cant share his number either.
All these people – Rajesh Deenadayal, Swathi Sathish and Thirumurugan – all 3 are really big frauds who never lets you meet the Director Muniraju AKA Anil Gowda.
After returning they said it will take 30 days for refund, and we were told that full refund will be done since it was litigation ( this time they had accepted that it was disputed property)
We did remind them on 25th day about the refund and we were assured both ( construction & Land) will be done on time.

Even on Oct 15th we didn’t see any sign of refund. By then we saw many complaints and were in touch of many people who were cheated by them. (even for people whom they given in writing – that a full refund will be done- which never happened)

After Oct 15th , they started buying time and used to push every 2-3 days and then every week.
On Nov 5th we visited Precigo office so as to meet the Director, but were confronted by Rajesh Deenadayal and Swathi. Even then they stated they are only employees and cant do anything. Even they are trying their best to get our money back. (none of these are true)
Rajesh Deenadayalan also stated that the unit 66 is not a litigation land ( which is not true. Unit 66 is carved out of 6 acre 20 Guntas of Survey 128, Mugaluru Gramapanchayath as per the SALE AGREEMENT given to us). In between I jokingly told this to my husband – that may be Rajesh is telling the truth and Karnataka High court is lying .The moment I told that – Rajesh literally started shouting at me. He kept on shouting even when my husband asked him not to.

The same day they said we can meet the director Anil gowda on Monday 11.30 am.
We just walked away and returned to Precigo office on Monday at about 11.25 AM.

Rajesh asked us to sit, we waited for about 10 min and we were called in to tell Mr RAJESH’S judgement ( it really looked like a judgment) – He wrote few things on a paper and said – On Dec 7th, we will refund your money. This will be full refund including Precigo’s and Excel’s.

We said, this can’t be accepted and we already know that these fraudsters will again say a different date on Dec 7th. We did want to meet the Director and said will wait for him till he arrives.
After 30 mins of waiting Rajesh said director will go to the site, construction is happening and since its Monday he will go there. We really doubted that since he wasn’t sure . I said will wait here, please make sure he is at the site, and after 30 mins he said the director will go there at 3PM. I said 3pm – fine. Will go there when director arrives .

Now comes the twist –All of a sudden, we saw a guy who was never seen around in the premises and when followed and asked he said his name is Anil Gowda. Rajesh was helping him hide inside the den.
After much of pleading and begging , he (Mr Anil Gowda)agreed to do NEFT of full amount by evening same day ( 7th Nov 2022) . But he didn’t pay the full amount.

We again came to Precigo office on 21 nov 2022, and met anil for the balance amount which he denied on the face. When asked for the reason – he is saying he is taking that to cover his loss of 30 Lakhs ( which he would have got for selling us the not of any use land – plot 66 (may be 30 Lakh which he said was the bank loan and our amount). Anil Gowda (muniraju) , Rajesh Deenadayalan and Thirumurugan Argued that there was no litigation on the land till august 2022. ( how is that even possible when the writ petition was pending from 2008 ) and we should have gone for registration. I was asking to return our hard-earned money and Muniraju(the Director) and the Marketing Executive Thiru Murugan started shouting at me. My husband asked them not to shout at me several times. He (Director) didn’t stop and was asking us to file a police complaint against him if we are not satisfied with his decision. Muniraju walked out of the room telling he won’t return our pending amount whatsoever. Mr Rajesh Dayal Deenadayalan, GM of Precigo also abused and misbehaved with me on 5th of November, when we went to Precigo office asking for the refund amount. He abused me like anything! Despite being harassed and abused a second time, I kept quiet. Now that Muniraju(the Director) started harassing and threatening us on WhatsApp. Shouting was abusive in nature and they were mentally harassing me. Now Muniraju has started threatening us on whatsapp stating he will file case against us.

Mr Muniraju also questioned my guts to visit their office again for further abuse. He also said if we aren’t visiting them, he will come to our residence with police.

Not sure how SBI and HDFC has approved loans.

Precigo said that they were never aware of the writ petition – which isn’t true. The Land party is a respondent in the petition and hence this cant hold true, and they knew it well before selling the plot.

Please buy from these people only if –
1) You have hefty amount of money to lose.
2) You are ready to lose your Patience,Happiness,Mental peace etc for rest of your life.
3) You have enough Time to chase them every now and then
4) You can control your anger
5) You are Healthy enough

We have been cheated by these fraudsters at every stage from the very beginning. Kindly do check for all reviews and take your decision. They lie on your face about anything and everything.
Even if they give in writing about a full refund, they wont. They have taken too much money from many clients ( I know at least 5 of them)
I have proof of whatever I have claimed here.
Another important point to note – If you have been cheated already – many people might confront you stating they are gonna help – they are just parasites who is trying to loot you again. Precigo also has spies who act as buyers and will confront you everytime to get information out of you. I’m not naming them, but will just thought of telling another page of the horror.

Now,This is to you Mr Anil Gowda,Mr Rajesh Deenadayalan,Mr Thiru Murugan and Ms Swathy –
We have a saying in Malayalam “Pottane chetti chathichaal,chettiye daivam chathikkum “ which means “If chetti cheats a dumbo,God will cheat the Chetti.” And we’r lucky enough to see this happening with one of your employees.
You can delete my reviews,delete the google page,change the number on the fb page.No matter how many times you do all these things,I’ll speak out my opinion here.We know that this is your new strategy in order to get a clean chit.



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