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this mail is to share my experience in Presidency School, Nandini Layout branch regarding the Prep 1 admission interview of my Son Kevin Aadharsh on 18th December 2013. I would like to enumerate my experience in the interview as a parent: 1. The interview was held simultaneously for 2 kids in a single room, meaning there were two kids at the same time in a single room side by side with two teachers interviewing the kids and parents. The basic criteria of an interview is privacy. Here there were two kids, four parents, two teachers (8 People) at the same time side by side!!! Expecting a 2.5 yr old Kid not to get distracted and perform the tasks in this environment which lasts for 5-10 minutes??? I wonder how this can be a selection criteria!!! 2. After this insufficient and inadequate assessment, next came a meeting with the Principal Madam whom I feel has to learn a lot about how to communicate with a parent!!! I know my son had performed poorly in this poor interview/assessment environment, but there is a way it should be communicated to the parent. I felt the Principal was lacking in communication skills and attitude!!! This must sum it up. P.S: I feel it was a waste of Rs.250 for the application form as the interview structure/process was not at all satisfactory. These are words from a very disappointing parent who had high hopes on Presidency School. I couldn’t find the website of Presidency Nandini Layout!!!So I am forwarding this mail to all the emails i could find related with presidency School..

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  1. It really doesn't matter

    I agree to an extent on the above comments. Though the school has good reputation, i some what felt little uncomfortable when it came to the admission part. Irrespective of interview, parents are keen to know few info like:
    – admission fees,
    – how many children in a class
    – security measures of the kids
    – Transportation facilities

    This is how it started:
    Day 1 : Got admission forms & submitted
    Day 2: Scheduled Interview with teacher & Principal
    With teacher – It was pretty fine
    With Principal – There was hardly any interaction with the parent’s/kid, don’t know if this was just for formality.
    Soon after this, we were asked to wait at the reception and a madam came and explained about fee structure and asked us to pay XXX amount with in a day’s time (Not well planned) , which i felt was a little unreasonable. Just imagine, we don’t know anything about the school and have to pay a huge amount, how would it feel???

    Least expectations:
    1. An advisor/consultant, who could brief about the school and any queries that parents need. Shouldn’t take more than 10 mins.
    2. Though you don’t specify the fee structure, atleast give a cheat sheet which contains the necessary details which is required by teachers (don’t ask me to take a feedback/survey).

  2. Yes..I completely agree with ‘Principal having attitude’..Have seen previous principals who were very approachable..but Ms.Fatima has to learn a lot from her predecessors.No point in sitting in such a position when questions from parents are avoided in the name of ‘PROCESS’ proper reciept issued for cash paid and above all, no cheque or DD is accepted for admission and regular fees. If asked, you get shoved and shooed away by sub ordinates.

    God save Presidency Nandini layout students!