Propel Fitness – Fitnessone India Ltd Chennai – Defective Fitness Equipments Sold by Fitnessone Group and Pathetic After Sales Service

Since the day of the purchase, the cross trainer was in good condition only for 1 month. Starting from Feb 2013, I was hearing a lot of noise in the equipment due to which I had registered a complaint with FITNESSONE SERVICE ON 11th Feb 2013. The noise was somewhat reduced after the technician adjusted the cross trainer.

After a while I was experiencing a shift in the left pedal of the cross trainer. Before I can complete one full cycle, the left pedal moved in-an-out and the whole equipment became unstable. I had registered this complaint again with their customer service executive on 25th March 2013 and they had sent another service technician to attend to my complaint. After the technician attended to my complaint, the noise in the equipment was completely gone but it continued to be unstable. The instability was so bad that sometimes I feel that the equipment will come apart.

This was the 3rd time in 3 months (3 months from the date of purchase) that I had registered a complaint with their customer service team and I was really worried about the quality of the equipment that was sold to me. Is this the regular equipment which their organization sells? I have spent approx Rs 63000 on this equipment and now I am unable to use it. FitnessOne Group has let me down by supplying an equipment which is way below standards.

Further to my complaint dated 29th March 2013, the whole cross trainer was wobbling and the right side pad had come out of the wheel. I had given a service call on 4th January 2014 and their service technician attended my call on 9th January 2014 at 4 PM IST. The service technician asked for the warranty period and he said it will cost Rs. 550 to rectify the defect since the warranty period expired on 25th December 2013. This defect is there on the cross trainer from the day of installation. I had also mentioned about this in my previous complaints. The gentleman who came to rectify the defect finally informed me that he is not collecting Rs. 550 as service charges since the machine has a manufacturing defect and it has to necessarily be rectified by the company and he is helpless. He has left the equipment as it was and did not even bother to reassemble it properly.
Now the equipment is idle for the past 2 week due to which I am put to a lot of mental agony and stress because of FITNESSONE CLUB’s defective product.

I had also requested them to take back their equipment and pay me back the money which I had paid since I have my own doubts about the functioning and quality of the equipment. This is because in a year’s time from the date of purchase, the equipment has gone out of order for more than 5 times which puts me on a lot of mental agony and stress.

I have been repeatedly mailing FitnessOne Group –,,,,
but there is no response from them.

My hard earned money has been pocketed by FitnessOne and now I have to run to the Consumer Court for seeking justice.

This is the plight of an Indian consumer when it comes to buying fitness equipment from FitnessOne Group.

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