PULSE TELESYSTEMS PVT. LTD – Fraud Internet Service Company

Hello Professionals !! I’m Here to exhibit the methods of PULSE TELESYSTEMS Pvt ltd. T.nagar, Chennai. It is a 100% fake Internet service provider and Voice over ip company even though they have registered with TRAI… i am in a position to reveal this, Since i have have labored in this particular company… Shocking…???? Continue reading through through further !! About company : Their Salesman and Company website express it really is like a MNC company which is Headquaters is at Torento. If u be familiar with reality, it’ll be a sizable comedy of year. They have only basically a harddisk in the shared server in Torento for voice over ip service. This is one way they think of it as just like a MNC and then try to pronounce it ‘PULSE INDIA’ when even it normally will not have branches aside from T.nagar. Their support is Worse. No support people completed even ccna and don’t know Fundamental British. Also i am certain you will be in great trouble when you are getting challenge with their service throughout the evening time. No Engineers can get to your house throughout the evening, the truth is they sleep at office. It is said they have 24/7 support, but office works well with only 6 days each week. How’s that possible ???? If you are a pulse customer just make reference to them as on sunday whether it’s possible. They provide four service which i’m going to be revealing one at a time with subtitles. 1. Websites : If you are already an individual of Pulse… dont tell with other people, ‘You certainly are a Shit !!’ Pulse is not an Internet service provider, the truth is they are brokers. They get internet from three Internet service provider (Aircel/Dishnet, Airtel, Sify) and deliver you by getting a cost. The Three ISP’s are gone india and the reasons you pay extra money of those brokers. You’re going to get net connection from people Internet service provider. Tata (Tire1 Internet service provider) gives compareitively less expensive than Pulse. Proof 1: Visit this website http://internet.iptrackeronline.com and enter your pulse ip. You will see Pulse nowhere inside the Internet service provider. Proof 2: Visit command prompt and sort as follow without quotes ‘tracert internet.google.com’. First ip proven may be the router ip and second is Internet service provider router ip, that you cannot find Pulse rather it’ll be displayed as Airtel/Aircel/Sify. 2. Dialer system system : If you are already a cutomer of Pulse dialer system system… Plus there is no words of explaining you !!. You are needing to pay Rs:5000 for just about any FREE service. VICIDIAL, GOAUTODIAL cost nothing versions of Dialer system system. VICIDIAL title was changed making as PULSE Dialer system system as if they developed their particular software. Many organisations struggle a good deal in addition to shuts lower because of PULSE Dialer system system. It creates various problems which can not be solved by their engineers itself. Eg: Out of the blue only manual dial works, then what’s the effective use of using dialer system system. And it also has several features missing… u cannot find total amount of angents login. You’ll be able to better choose DRISHTI Dialer system system where you are getting better support and additional features. Proof 1: Because the PULSE Dialer system product is startup, except in your home window everywhere you’ll be able to notice as VICIDIAL. Proof 2: You’ll be able to download it without charge as of this link http://goautodial.com/download/ 3. IPPBX : If you are a Pulse IPPBX customer you need to be very Alert plus you’ve got the authority to apply for a Complaint against them. Just in case your call duration is 20 seconds, they’ll make Billing as 28 seconds. Again shiny things cost totally free IPPBX software leading to software corrupt a lot of the occasions. You will be in pressure when nobody inside you organization might make outgoing or incoming calls. It is also a mysterious for engineers. Proof 1: Record your demand 20 sec and participate in it back. You will find the press player showing 28 sec recording for that 20 sec speech. First 5 sec will probably be blank next 3 sec you’ll hear the ring as well as your speech. And that means you are charged for 28 sec. Nowhere in the world people covers ring. Proof 2: Get a sample call of the (the amount of sec you need) and look for evaluating it with PULSE CDR report. Report might have more seconds than you noted. 4. Voice over ip : Uplast for that information PULSE TELESYSTEM is renowned for past 6 years in delivering voice over ip service, But also for truth again they are Brokers. They get minutes from Net2phone [http://internet.net2phone.com/] and offers it for you personally, similar to PULSE getting minutes from Net2phone, and you also getting minutes from pulse. Double cost again !!!. In addition essential aspect is they are also delivering voice over ip service through ip [] that you’ll do india to india calling, calling within india through Voice over ip can be a offence according to TRAI (Indian Government). If you are getting their voice over ip service, there’s possible you may be on your journey to Prison. FOR JOB People : Students don’t urge yourself to find yourself in core jobs. It’s not so easy. Or else you will be fooled by these companies. Employees in PULSE TELESYSTEMS will not stay with the business more than 6 several days .With my experience i’ll advice explore to sign up the organization. The truth is other product interview questions aside from ‘Tell me about yourself’. Since they need you and would like to suck all your blood stream. You will be travelling with your own personal bike for 80 km every day for installation not for maintenance. Plus it normally will not respect you. They tell your salary might be 8000 as CTC, but sadly you will be getting only 5000/month for giving all your blood stream (80km/day – Much less easy, you are getting lifetime backpain, Do not require respects you). Only explanation they offer is study a good deal and you are simply your core company. I am certain understand nothing aside from everything you use them. Anyway you are a fresher, where-ever you’re going you will be learning anything new. It is advisable to try BPO than entering the organization. CONCULSION : All above (1.) PULSE TELESYSTEMS Pvt Ltd is completely a brokerage company (2.) Have a vacation to prison for applying their illegal voice over ip service. (3.) They cheat you with call outings. (4.) It normally will not have 24/7 support, nonetheless they lie. (5.) Even their Engineers aren’t sure in regards to the technical concept. (6.) They only use downloaded reely type of software, which results in frequent unknown issues. (7.) They are not likely to showed up at your house . for troubleshooting throughout the evening time (8.)It normally will not respect their customers along with its own employees. In the event you request relating to this on their behalf they simply disconnect your line. Which indicates it normally will not have loss and you’ll function as looser who paid out a great start their service. They respect restricted to installation rather than at support. This Can Be MY CONCLUSION As Well As The DECISION IS YOURS !!

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    This is a wrong complaint raised in the Company Name Pulse Telesystems Pvt Ltd., We know who has raised this complaint. We have already given a complaint to Cyber crime on this person as he cheated the company while he was working. If any one wants to know the service from Pulse can view the clients testimonials or can speak to our clients directly. No fraudulent company can sustain in the market .