Pune, A Fortune 500 Company – Complaints against your corrupt act Zodiac Group and Sky wardi Solutions

Dear Followers, I want to draw your attention on silly and corrupt act of M/s Skywardi Solutions proprietors Divvya and Dhinesh and M/S Zodiac Group and Padmawati Trust Proprietors S. Dinakara Prasad, Chennai, here i am drawing your concern on their fraud and false act and commitment towards their profession and hence Divvya, Dhinesh and Dinakara Prasad played with future of few innocent engineers, we can name them also if require, but since they will face lot of problems to get job in the market, if their name will be published here. Above mentioned fraud consultants are engaged in so many fraudulent activities since long, we have just come to know through web postings as link below: http://www.consumercomplaints.in/job-career/zodiac-group-consultancy-c842016#c1910940 http://freemarriage.com/sdprasad (for photo of this fraudulent person) As a corporate person i admit that they used me time to time using their consultancy expertise and cunningness. But no one was aware of the huge money transactions into it. As confirmed by candidates later on that these three people have been charged for more then 1.5 to 2.0 lakh per candidate, we terminated all facilities immediately and cancelled all profiles in no time. Friends as company we do not encourage this type of process anytime and from Maharashtra region our legal department has been activated official complaints, court case against Dinakara Prasad and Divvya, Dhinesh, soon they all will be put behind the bars. I request to all readers not to come under their trap any time. We all shall see that their so called shops will be closed here after. We have enough proofs to identify them as merciless culprits. Even today Mr. Dinakara Prasad has posted his apology, but i am sure that it will not enough to save his and team ass. He has also assured to apologized in written to us and to candidates (whom they have cheated in this episode), let us see how he apologies ? I shall be in touch with you regularly and giving you updates on these fraudulent people. BE AWARE OF S. DINAKARA PRASAD AND DIVVYA AND DHINESH (ZODIAC GROUP, PADMAWATI TRUST, SKYWARDI SOLUTIONS.) Thanks Friendly Yours, Sandeep Randive Pune

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