PURPLEDEALS.IN – Sewing Machine with alluma wallet

” PURPLEDEALS (www.purpledeals.in) – Emails IDs. sales7@purpledeals.in

and livechat1@purpledeals.in (Phone Nos. 08826106345 and +918800147771 ) online shopping company – A FRAUD COMPANY – BEWARE. This is a fraud company. People who are placing online orders better to go to other companies. I am giving my experience with the company which may help the other people not to become victim of this company. I placed an order for a Sewing Machine having one year guarantee with Alluma Wallet and paid the money through my debit card. When I received the courier, on the packet it was written Sewing Machine and Alluma Wallet. When I opened the packet, to my utter surprise, I found a very small sewing machine like a toy that too without Alluma Wallet there is no question of any guarantee on this machine. When I contacted this company over the phone they did not talk and disconnected my phone. I tried a number of times on different phone number but every time they disconnected. I sent a number of Emails, but not a single Email has been replied. However, I am filing different petitions in Consumer Forums as well as Cyber Crime Cell, but I would like that anybody placing their orders with this company be aware otherwise they will be victimised like me and after that nobody will attend to your request simply one has to repent and the money will go as waste. BEWARE OF PURPLEDEALS.”

Ramesh Thukral
As already mentioned in my complaint, I have been harassed by this company. I do not want other people should become victim of this company. I would like that they should send me the machine with and offer of alluma wallet which is shown on their site or else they should refund my money with mental harassment companesation as decided by you.

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