qbule – Fraud, A bigg scam in India

This is newest scan which is going to hit India. Indian citizens are not new for these kind of ponzy schemes but I don’t understand why some people repeat their mistakes. First time when I heard about Qbule I thought it could be a routine ponzy scheme but when I was 50% through I was damn sure that this is absolutely 3rd class company with a old fashion fake affiliate work providing company. After some time I heard that this is yet another scam by biggest cheaters of India PAL brothers. Ramsumiran pal and ram niwas pal and it was not a surprise for me when Delhi crime branch arrested Ram niwas pal from ( Abhay sigh Chandel) from Bangalore. You can easily find some paper cuttings from month of November where it is clearly written that He arrested when he was trying to set up his new fraud following arrest of Ram niwas pal. Remember Bangalore is a home for Qbule at world trade centre, 22 nd floor. Whole Qbule concept is dump and bigg sheet with no genuine affiliate work. They take 30% amount for shopping purpose but now it is 8 months no sign of shopping portal. I guess they are directly planning to buy Amazon.com. This is a total blunder and 100% going to take all your hard earned money if you invest.

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  1. I went to qbule seimar which was held in mumbai 20th december. I want to tell u something about qbule admin. He is such a waste working in IT company dont know problem of the customer and sending waste reply as if customer are waste.
    I am frustated qbule member and few days back i came to know qbule has taken over roxa infotek and roxa infotek is not giving money and not replying more than 30 lakh rupees already taken from people.

    Please be aware of qbule admin.

      1. Qbule TrulySuccess

        Hi Guys,
        Qbule is on the way to success. The new set of management and the legalities in every country makes it happen. Any company, there is a risk, and not all people went abroad to for work, came back with smile in their face. Stay calm and relax, the Qbule is still in progress and making new good reputation to the public. As I see and investigation, the company is genuine and making more effort to build a long lasting company for all affiliate who believed. Don’t stop believing, the company is making an adjustment to the program that everybody would benefit…

        Qbule TrulySuccess

    1. Qbule TrulySuccess

      Hi Guys!

      If your Money Involved, you have the right to Know and Investigate…Qbule is the Best! The company operated for more than 1 year and moving strong and stable…

      Have a Good day! Qbulians…..


      1. Since joining No pay out is coming, they cheated, but how u are giving authentication that, it’s genuine. Like another MLM scandal in India.

      2. Hi.. I am aamir from india, nadiad city-387001.

        Qbule is very good but your company is not working very well…I subscribed 25,000 Gold pack and 2 month is gonne but payment is not deliverd in my bank account. So please work hard and give my and my friends payment. I am in problem plesse solve thi probelm and transfer the money into my account.. tnanxs

    2. Qbule TrulySuccess

      Hi All,

      If your Money Involved, you have the right to Know and Investigate…Qbule is the Best! The company operated for more than 1 year and moving strong and stable…This is the time to sit back and relax.

      Have a Good day! Qbulians…..


  2. Hi i am from kanpur already a qbule member … …… Area manager and regional manager are not getting salary on time. one of the area manager is too frustated . Plz dont join qbule becuase from our money they are enjoying 5star treatment .. software is not working properly . purana model hai aisa company roz aati hai .. when they want to take money they will show the face of company as Francis Prabhu onces the work is done he will say new rule came … Francis Prabhu is big time cheater . Let me tell u about amit kondal who dont know anything but earned good about 80 to 90 lac in speak asia was giving speech on 20th december fool. One more funniest person in the manager group called Sandeep talwar who himself dont know anything about website . He only know how to comminuted and make people fool. Alam i think was fighting for shopping portal and amit was making fun of him . Amit should put 10 lac in company then he will come to know what is money, standing on stage and having mic means u people can do anything ??
    Dont worry EOW will soon catch all manager this time ..

  3. Is this really true? Can you justify? Coz qbule is now operating in the philippines and i think many of Filipinos wants to join in Qbule.Can you please tell me so that i can warn them,is this really a scam or fraud?!!

    1. No SCAM in QBULE all of you commented only why dont file the case in QBULE why dont you sue QBULE then for close if this SCAM stupid moron

      1. now my friend are u on qbule site.??
        have u taken any payments till march????
        naow what u say this is not SCAM???
        qbule is totally a big SCAM..

        1. assets.mailbox

          Qbule is not a scam, you indian people are the big scammer. If qbule is scam, why only in qbule india has a problem. Qbule is operating in almost 15 countries now and only you indian people has issues. You always blame the company but the main problem here is you! Moron! The company PAY ALL AFFILIATES IN ALL COUNTRY. The company is genuine, the SCAMMER IS YOU!

          1. if u write that qbule is not a scam company, so why u dont write anything about present problem coming in INDIA . why money is not debiting in bank? why, why, why, why?
            have you any answer mr. assets.mailbox.

          2. You mother f**ker dont tell if u dont know it is scam. Do qbule have persmisson show ads of cococola, Mcdownlds and all .. First all fake ads everybody know .Secondly Owner is Joseph chawko, he know how to divide people and use them. First he used people in one company then blue chip then in roxa and now in qbule . Few month after you will also tell this is scam . Paisa toh hai nahi 1cr ayega tab jake sab managment ko payment milega fir kuch bacha toh 5 lakh bewkooof affliate mein batega . This is 100 percent scam please dont make it big with ur support.

            1. teri maa ki paise kha hai be bkwaas kr rha hai bahan ka samne aa teri bhan ki 8 months ho gye saale hrami kbhi ye chel rha hai kbhi wo chel rha hai amit vivek fransis neeraj manish preevinder aashish tum sb ki maa bahn ho saalo

        2. Qbule TrulySuccess

          In the first place. I have a doubt about this company. And I feel sorry to all members who experienced difficulties in withdrawing their money as their proof of the hard work in endorsing Qbule to their family, friends and even their enemies before.

          As of now, the company moves stronger and better. Withdrawal was on time and the affiliates got paid in their commissions. In One year in service, there are ups and downs, I believed it will be stable due to good business platform and restructure for improvements that everybody will benefit the fruits of their loyalty in the company. I advised all Leaders every country to move forward and continue to build strong leaders to pursue the goodness of the Qbule and everybody who believe and join will benefit it…A leader without a member is not a leader, don’t abuse members, teach them on how the system work and they will start to grow their knowledge in advertisement industry…

          Have a good day Qbulians!!!! Qbule is the Best!

          By TrulySuccess

        3. Qbule TrulySuccess

          Hi Qbulians,

          Stay in Touch with Qbule Management…Let them answer all your questions and complaints…We had Ticket to open. I’am investor even the StockBroker sometimes I experienced issues in Server…This is an Online and Real Company..Learn on how to use it Wisely to Gain.

          Have a good day to all Qbulians!

          Qbule TrulySuccess

  4. Qbule Kanpur I think is mistaken…I have myself been in Qbule from last 5 months and as per me this is very genuine..money is created through Affiliate Marketing and its a truth which most of IT aware people know…This is a wonderful concept…dont go by the statements of 2-3 loosers who could not understand the concept properly!

    1. Dear Anupama,

      My name is Botieng, I live in Cambodia. After I was introduced Qbule by one of Cambodian, I really interest in it and going to join but after I see the comments above Im scared. Could you please help me with some proof or related document related to Qbule?



    2. Dear Anupamaji,
      Thanx for you comment , i am a Qbule publisher from Mumbai. Can you kindly mail me on forsuppiy@gmail.com, i had some issue regarding banks vrification and want to learn about customizing my website.
      please reply.

    3. Can tell me Anupama, why they are not giving salary from last 4 months, They are not sending any illgle docs. why why why?

  5. Hi,

    I am Ashish & I recently (not even a month) joined qbule but I really scared after reading comments of some people above. Though I joined qbule after understanding the business concept of qbule n I still believe that this concept can really run long and can change people’s lives.
    Please make me aware properly about this company. I really have joined qbule with great expectations and put my hard earn money in it.
    1. Will I really receive my money back by work from home of qbule?
    2. Should I work on company’s referral program?
    3. Pls. tell me what should I do?

    1. This is the third week since I have joined Qbule ( WFH program).Joined after confirming, with reference, that the money is actually deposited to the account. I can see the money accrued in the account.
      I think it is worth joining. One who has made up mind not to join can comment anything which doesn’t require any investment at all.

  6. Ubead Mirza from bangalore



    Could you please introduce your self first. Even i am in the same stage of what Ashish is saying. i have also invested 1lakh and bought 2 platinum packages. please suggest us

    please don’t cheat us . it is very difficult to earn back money..please..

    i am scared of above comments… 9980739597

  7. If qbule is a scam then why they are now having some big offices in malaysia, singgapore, philippines, india, cambodia. And i heard they will open more branches.

    Why they have conference.
    And i check the facebook of Rach David one of pioneer in philippines. She told me that many of filipinos are now earnings which in facts she’s been in malaysia first week of march.

    I think its oly rumor from INDIA. Because india is known of hacker and scams thats why their credibility is low. Maybe some dont trust in it.

  8. Hmmmm I have been in the QBule Global Launch last Mar.8 and was able to talk to a lot of the Members from the 8 different countries and the staff of company itself. Just remember guys the internet is an open source of information anybody can guys write about anything for whatever agenda they would have. So be vigilant and don’t just believe anything that you read.. Cause we dont know what is the motive behind this reviews that they post. I have learned a lot of stuff going on in India and most of it are just hearsay so???? Its your call 🙂

    1. We know how much service u got . Hotel not proper , No food . People are been fooled we were also there. Dont cheat and if u want to meet people from different country that doesnt mean it is not scam .

      Indian were called to bring business from other country. They Fool indian now fooling world .

  9. What David says is right. If one doctor does a scam, people don’t stop going to doctor. There are good & bad things. Its your call, as to how you judge good or bad.

    What David commented is right

    1. Dude , I also loved the speech of Dr. but dont try to fool people for your benefit. Ask your 50 people to write review and make this scam a big and 500 other people who lost the money will write out u. Dont take bad wish for for family .

  10. I suggest to all of you guys to trust your instinct and make a research before joining an online opportunity like qbule. Someone invited me to qbule opportunity that is why I’m doing my research first!

  11. HengVongvimean


  12. it hurts so much to see people need to do something like this loosing your hard earned in a system like this, please stop, i know its moving smoothly in its 1st year, but trust me its another ponce scheme, giving you more money in the beginning, its like ad-for.com in the PH. please do research

  13. Hi All,

    Thanks for your comment and would like to inform you that I’m a Qbule member since March and
    It’s great concept to earn money by just doping simple work from home and if you have mind you
    can JUDGE what is correct or what’s wrong its genuine work and if you see the PPT then there are
    some certificate related to legal its provided by Indian Gov and verified by “Singania Co” it’s a grt
    low firm and its not take a single dough full client and we are (Qbule) a client of “Singania Co”.

    So if you want to make a big money please join us to earn money.

    If you have any query of suggestion please let me know.

    Mob – 9015606204 & Mail id – vikasverma68@gmail.com

    1. hay vikas, i’am krishna as you write and i read oyur article will you tell me or show me a legal document releated ISO CERTIFIED COMPANY and govt verified by Singaniya Co , and i wnt to know, is ur money debits in ur accnt in prasent time, hoping i will got my answer if u are not fake.

  14. Hi All,

    I almost laughed out my chair when I read the comments, do your facts right before post your comments here. I went to investigate this company on my own and I can confirm to you this is a real company, genuine company. If you need more details send me a message at twintrader2@gmaik.com

  15. Hi guys, come to think of it. We join qbule and we get a website in return for what we paid for. That is our website so we can upload any documents, information which we can do for our own business. I am an IT professional, even if someone has to ask me to make a website for him/her, surely I will let him pay. There is no such thing as free in this world. As what Bill Gates said, ” If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”. What qbule is giving us is the payment for the surveys, market research and advertisement that we are answering. just part of what qbule is receiving from the advertisers and yet they are generous enough to give us part of it. If this is a sort of scam, imagine in a matter of 3.5 months we can have the ROI. How come they have this guts of telling us Without selling and without recruitment, it’ a guaranteed income for 52 weeks , if they really dont have the advertisers that are paying them? Does this make sense? For further info regarding qbule pls contact me , my facebook account is Lyn Tagorda from Philippines! You are welcome.

  16. Qbule India is led by a team of dedicated professionals with entrepreneurial endeavors. To achieve our full potential, the company is organized around principal customer relationships and key markets.

    Our business focus allows us to draw on broad resources, a deep technology base and an exciting innovation pool to serve customers. This structure makes it easier for our customers to more rapidly access the diverse resources of Qbule.

    Mr Parvinder Singh, CEO comes with a vast experience in the industry of Direct Selling and Retail Marketing. His basic philosophy of “Technology keeps you ahead” reflects in his consistent efforts to upgrade Qbule to the best available technology. As an astute businessman, PS has chartered an ambitious growth path for Qbule in the global market. He is an MBA in Marketing and also a commerce graduate. Having served as National Head and CEO of various companies, Mr. Parvinder has amicably used his expertise in leadership Management.

    Mr. Ashish Pandey, Business Head comes with Masters in Risk Analysis from the Hampshire College of Commerce. He has a rich and diversified experience of 16 years in the fields of Risk Management and Fraud Analysis as well as a proven experience in the field of International Marketing. He has headed International campaigns for various MNCs and also carries an exclusive experience of working in countries like United Kingdom and South Africa. The Indian Operation success has been due to Mr. Ashish Pandey’s mantra of “growth through quality, innovation and market consolidation”. His focus on distribution management has enabled to develop best services that offer great value for money.

    Mr. Francis Prabhu, Strategic Head carries a rich experience in top companies of India like Birla, Tata, ICICI and Onicra in senior level assignments. He holds masters in Science, Marketing & Arts from prestigious universities and graduated from Loyola College, Chennai and carries a vast experience in the fields of Sales, Marketing and Strategic Planning. He has been transformed to an emerging leader in providing information technology and management services with a deep and broad expertise in the Strategic planning and finance marketplaces. Mr. Francis’s leadership ensures the stability of the organization and creates a platform for dynamic growth. His fresh thinking helps inject new ideas and processes empowering knowledge and task workers to focus on their jobs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. He’s the leader of our internal growth strategy, focusing on real-time accountability and data driven results.

    1. narendra yadav

      instead of your bogas bakwas they are big thieves not pay any money to anyone …chor hai sale…inko jail honi chahiye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,choro ka group hai…paisa nahi de rahe hai

  17. vikas amarpuri

    hi, i joined qbule in october 14 and invested around 1 lac on it. when it came to withdrawl. all management in india top top bottme i.e. qbule admin to rsm asm all are commenting our server is updating one month more, now elections are going on we are struglieng to payment, we are in tieup with new bank etc. it’s hights of limit of toleration. now what next cany you help me

  18. dear all qbule is fake company dear frds i join company 12/10/2013. i purchesh magic plan but jan satrtng week company deactivate auto. i send mail or msz many top leader like jassi or other. but thay not replay and thay not picup my call. 16/10/2013 one of the top leader jasswinder (jassi) i hand over one lakh rupes in cash. and thay said ur income satng next month bla bla.but the thing is 27/05/2014 im not income one rupes in my qbule id . i upload all my document . i send bank withdrwal many thime but. but not income recived in my bank acc. im anil thakur or more than 8 or 10 more people twomarw writen complents in cyber crime in sec-17 chandigarh. for qbule or jassi jasswinder singh mohali. or ek baat or in sab bandion ke is time sabi ke ph swichoff aa rehe hain main aap sab india ke sabi logion se requst karta hoon ki qbule mein koi bhi pesa na leggaye

  19. pankaj mishra

    Guys Qbule Manahement is the big problem…Sandeep Talwar who started this concept did a lot of miscomittment in the market…those miscommittments were the major problem…same was done by the director Ashish Pandey…that resulted in starting of problems…i think these people should be asked why they did so many miscomittments about shopping portal and visa card and gold etc etc…I will file a case certainly if withdrawals do not start in next 7 days

    1. hello pankaj mishra, i am krishna singh, i want to say you, i am with you for file case. hey dear, pankaj, dont step back ,we are with u, we want to give you more strength more confidence for this great work, we all have group of sometype u will definatly intrested. i have so many paople for suporting u for this work. u can mail me -krsaccont@gmail.com

  20. hello,I am Krishna, firstly i want to know is your transaction is debiting in bank? , if yes or no tell me legal regon why? as u are write Qbule is not fake so plz straighten out me why Qbule changes company rules, bussiness direction in every month and come out with new policies and scared everyone who joined qbule , and will u plz write how u can say that this is not a fraud company. I feel u will not answer me because i wrote so many of Indian people and foreign people too and no body answer me.

  21. Can some one help me……. I have raised withdrawal request on 26/04/14….. Its almost more than 2 months. Still the status shows pending. When can i expect the status to be changed and the money will be credited… I am eagerly waiting for my money….I am losing faith on Qbule now

  22. Raja you have just given the website link… nothing else…… even i have their banglore office no. 08792007662 / 08792007663 . But when anybody calls first time they picked up call and give u the disappointning answers that nobody can believe on that .when you call second time they never picked your call and if anybody call them before 10 am and after 8 pm they said that its not the office hours… so what to do… if anybody calls in office hours and they didn’t pick the call that’s their mot… its a fraud….. They are just giving u a little lollypop……

  23. Md.kamal Hossain

    My name is kamal.I live in abobel Bangladesh.After I was itroduced Qbule by one of Bangladeshi.l really interest above lm scared.Could you please help me.withsome proof or related docoumant related to qbule

    1. Please add me on FB QBULE is operated here in the Philippines they paid us on time.. Many people are trying to post negative comments.

  24. Fake but Real Directors of Qbule India….becharon ko para bhi nahi ki unke naam pa bank accounts gain and transactions of crores have been done by FORGING SIGNATURES done by Director Ashish Pandey !!! kya yoga qbule ka!!! qbule bank accounts ki tehkikaat shuru hai!

    Real Directors:



    1. narendra yadav

      ye sare chor hai paisa le kar bhag gaye hai..sabhi se request hai ki inki fir ki jaye..aur inhe pakarwaya jaye……del mat karo salo ne sab paisa kha liya hai……….qbule chor hai chor hai kisi ke pas agar koi news hai to likho..pata nahi survey qu de rahe hai

  25. Dear all I have latest news qbule is taken over by some
    Other company… employees are not paid for 6 months
    I have invested 1 lakh..my hard earned money I got only 12700
    Rs only. Please don’t invest in any of these companies

    Office is in MG road Bangalore. Please call me for any details

    Office address etc..9980739597”

  26. This is not scam but they are giving reguler payment but not scam. this is not picnic job,qbule is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% fack f****** company every one is f***** in this company. but not scam, they has taken money to many peoples with commitemt, but still we all waiting, but not scam compnay or fack compnay.

    If is not really give to all reguler payment can you do that? we are wating from 6 months. you f*****r

  27. Please FIR kro in comapny ke naam pe aur jo bhi marketing kr rhe hai sbhi se apeel hai sb ek ho jaye is manish malve ki jo report dega ya use pkd ke layega use uvhit inaam milega isne mere 7 lakhs company mai lgwaye hai please call me 9926581152



  29. I am member of qbule sinse april 2014 but yet I did not received money for any job please dont join it. It
    has not any customer complaint policy and complaint forum please dont join it. If it is not scam what.If any qbule fraud member who support it have any reply and response most welcome.

  30. Hi everyone. Shame on people who fool common people. we work so hard to earn money and these bloody people come up with such fraud plans. I’m from India. Invested 25,000 which I saved out of very hard time. do u any one of you know what to do other than hating self for trusting such stupid people?