Qbule PH – Qbule-A Good Company, Why the company gave me $100 in 30 minutes task?

I Joined Qbule This Month and I started to work on it. A very Simple task exchanged with $100.00, I doubt that this company is also a Scam, making a lot of money because of the newly member who put money to get a higher return profit. I’ve experienced to joined in different Multi Level Marketing in the Philippines, Malaysia and even America, It was a good opportunity, I received a profit based on my level of activeness and the products I’ve sell, but when all of my prospects already immune about my business presentation, I started to slow down and return as an employee. A lot of NEW MLM and Online Marketing Opportunity knocks again my minddoor and it wake me up again and learn new things. From Investing in Stock Markets, Businesses and now What Is This? Work From Home! So I am not convinced with the presentation, because it’s too small compared to other MLM and too High Compared to others too. Which is Which I Like….Hahah…I did research and learn about Affiliate
Marketing…Did you Know that one of my Instructor can earn $1,000.00 a day, I’ve watched John Chow, one of the Publisher doing this Affiliate Marketing on his own with the Advertisement, he got $200,000 in a month. Wow! It’s Too High but it is real. And now $100.00 a week is not bad for me. I’ve downloaded all event’s, government certification about Qbule and also listen to all comments and complaints. I’m very sad to those people who suffered failure in this business….I’ve tried to help you but we are not in the same place to know the real situation you got….For Me…I really like Qbule Technologies Philippines Incoporated…Good Leaders and Management. If your Filipino, 18 years of Age. I will help you to experience, learn and earn $100 a week or more. Kindly Visit: http://qbulephilippines.wix.com/trulysuccess2

Thanks..Expected you To Join me in my Journey to Millionaire.

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