Reported By: Khursheed Alam

Contact information:
https:// www.jdienx.com/user/index

an advertisement came from this Number +91 86511-31503 to me for online business proposal. It was a lucrative proposal via RACHIKA MALL and RTL Trading Co. Ltd and I got connected with their suggestions.
I enrolled my name in that Digital Marketing business and started buying things. Amit Kumar Luthra of Telegram became my tutor. Two times they allowed me to withdraw my profits. After this they promised me to get regular salary. But salary was not paid and they kept asking to buy more items. After purchasing items, my investment amount became big. Instead of releasing my profits and salary, they insisted to buy more things. Then I understood it’s a fraud company.
Later I searched more and found that Vijai Singh Dugar is the Director of RTL Trading Co. Ltd who has a group of people to lure people. When people cannot buy items from them, they lock the account. That means the account holder has to lose everything. This is a cheating and needs to be apprehended. I contacted RACHIKA MALL telling everything. But they did not help me in this matter and they completely ignored me. I invested Rs. 3,75,000/ and with benefits it comes around 5 lacks (+) which is locked and I am not allowed to withdraw. They are not sending the items which I purchased.
Now I want to get back my money or the items which I purchased.

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