rads-india-pvt-ltd – THREATEN TO STUDENT

This complain against radsindia pvt ltd. this institute misguide to student.After admission this institute not responding to student like not proper teaching student ,and when student complaint his teacher to organization HOD or director also his whole organization team threaten to student that if you again called either do the complain anywhere then we destroyer your future and destroyer your life ..i was talk to whole responsible person all said that go to hell and if and complaint to police station. police is also not do anything because we have a political sources some leader are known me . this type of statement given by responsible person who is seating in Delhi office name is Mr. Deepak,and also same statement given by Allahabad rads-india-pvt-ltd organization.kindly take appropriate action against rads-india-pvt-ltd .i am not disclosed student name ,but we have an all prove regarding complaint HITENDRA VERMA CIDT BRANCH SEC. 7520272225

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