Rajashree female astrologer – Fraud & most cheater in kolkata

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Rajashree female astrologer

I was too much worried & worst condition in 2010 when I loose my job & I was mentally disturbed also, then first time I was start watching Bengali channel C.T.V.N. PLUS, where astrological live phoning programs have been hold on till now. There are so many astrologers have been doing their program, among of them I had chosen a female astrologer named RAJASHREE, because in her live
phoning program she has told that, she remove like kaalsharpa dosh, mangalik dosh etc, & get remedy from her you would be stable
in life, your married life will be smooth, career, education everything would be normal & great. after that when I went to in GARIAHAT
Kolkata 1st time to her chamber, she gave me only 2 to 3 min, & tried to force as I got the remedy. I gave Rs 45000/- for remedy but
then I could’t understand that I was going to be cheated by her.& not only that, I did 6 times reporting to her with her fees Rs- 1000/, but From 2010 march to 2016 October is running, till now I am getting more depressed, & 3 years already gone I am jobless again.

She did’t give me any remedy bill as victim can’t prove her cheating process, RAJASHREE like astrologer just only making money
& ruined a family, playing a funny game with the future & emotion of the people who comes to her with a trust. please someone stop
those fraud, cheater, animal like astrologer.

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  1. Hi,
    same thing happened with me and my two cousins also. i paid her to get the remedy 70,000 and her 3 times visit 1100, but after spending 6 years the result is zero. a big zero. she is dam fraud lady. does not make any sense why channel allows this kind of fraud people who is just nothing.

    1. Rajashree is an ultimate fraud astrologer. Has cheated us several times..God won’t forgive a cheater.don’t understand why ctvn promotes such fraud astrologer like RajShree!!!!!

  2. Why don’t you people call during the live ctvn programme and tell about it to everyone watching the show.

  3. Hi. She predicted about my life. She said my chart is horrible and I should get remedies for career. She took 90k already and still demanded for 40k. According to her I should go for engineering but I ain’t interested. I’m very confused and whenever any problem comes I get scared because of her prediction. She even said my love life sucks and I should consult her when I’m ready to marry. How can someone not fall in love for so long? Please people help me understand.

  4. It’s a shame that someone who is so senior and experienced is charging the clients like hell …. not only her fees is a bit too much … she doesn’t give you any remedy with the consultation …. they have a package system for the remedy … you will only get the remedy if you buy that package which normally starts with 31k … the reason I have used “ they “ instead of she is because it’s a team of con men and women … not just a single individual … it’s all about money when it’s comes to someone like Rajshree asttologer

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