rakhibazaar.com – giftalove.com – Fraud Sister Sites

Got a valuable suggestions for new customers who want to avoid the rakhibazaar.com-giftalove.com scam. Guys they have some other mini sites as well which they are promoting on google. Whenever you buy any rakhi product on this rakhi make sure that you first check the website which you can find on address bar. They rank a bunch of rakhi websites on google and redirect them with giftalove.com and rakhibazaar.com. Please avoid their trick and see the url first before buying any rakhi product.

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  1. Rakhibazaar and giftalove both are kind of run by the same peoples as my order on both the sites didn’t delivered and they gave me the email id of the same person.

    they have delivered few of my stuff but some are not delivered. there service is pathetic and they are playing with the emotions of the people.

    please avoid these sites as I have almost call them 10-15 times from uk but they still still delivered my stuff.

  2. Mr. revilagainstfrauds aka revolt (As i assume you have created so many ids) you seem quite distressed with the company you mentioned in your post. I’ve been watching your posts since a few months regarding the same company, if you are really so fed up could you share with me your contact number and Order Id or any image of that particular product that you have been mentioning again and again, I’m planning to send rakhi for my brother in UK from the same company as I’ve done it before and they delivered on time and in good condition. this time I want to make sure whether you are fake or their services. It’s my 5th transaction with the same site though I’m really satisfied with all those 4 orders i have placed, but want to ensure this time. So please send me the order Id you placed and your contact number. Hope you won’t mind. 🙂