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Reported By: Samiksha bane

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Reataiorindo Gujarat

I have ordered a dress from retailorindo’s website i have received a wrong product i.e a clothe which is completely different from what i have ordered and that too is defective.the product was already open inside.i have requested a refund bt they didn’t respond till

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  1. I’ve ordered a kurti from this site and received a torn used saree.they don’t have any customer care no. or any other thing.they are fraud.plz don’t doa ny shoping from such site and take steps to ban such sites.

  2. I ordered 2 expensive gowns but I received a old used 2 Saree.. This site is a fraudulent one and there is no customer care or any contact no or there is no sign of refunding the amount or any kind of confirmation plz take steps to block vthis kind of site and help customers from getting cheated

    1. Hi…
      I ordered two gowns from Retail Orindo and i also received 2 sarees. Is this fraud. Then they called from customer care and asked mento filena.complaint by firwarding a txt msg to another number. I found all this very fishy. Anyone got a refund from them??