(Yfone) – Friends beware of this Rechargehouse

Friends beware of this Rechargehouse. I worked for this company in Tamilnadu zone and this company is based in kolkata.S Banerjee is the owner of this company and he used to introduce him as Eugine. This guy was as an offshore VP for Yfone, a telecom company based in UK. He left his job came to India and started this company. He is a cheater. I worked for three months for that company. My job is to appoint distributors in Tamilnadu. We have appointed two distributors and the distributors deposited 1,75,000 in the companies account. I have stopped appointing more since the retailers started facing technical issues in recharging from day 1. This continued and so the distributors asked for their deposit amount, but the company didn paid back any money and they keep on postponing. It has been six months and they havent paid any single penny and now i have heard that they are doing the same in Bangalore and Mumbai. They havent paid our salaries for three months and now they are not responding our call. These people they have closed their office in Kolkata as well. I have all the proofs with me. I can prove this any where to any body. I have attached his photo and his partner(Ritesh) photo along with this post.

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