Rediff Shopping – Receipt of Incorrect Order On 23.8.13 , I had placed an order for the above link. The order details are below : Let it be documented for future that 6 feet = 72 inches Let in be documented for future that image in above link is different from image attached below. Details of Order# 8447767 Item Description Qty. Price Life Size Teddy Bear 6 feet standing 1 4795.00 Shipping & Handling: Rs.499.00 Total: Rs.5294.00 Delivery Address: Ms Akriti Agrawal , Damodar Kanan, Kanhaiya Bagh, Sa. 15/229-L, Mavaiya,Balua Road, Sarnath,VARANASI , – , VARANASI , Uttar Pradesh : 221007 INDIA . Billing Address: Ayush Agrawal , AGRAWAL MOTORS, , Baldeoagh , JABALPUR , Madhya Pradesh : 482002 INDIA . If you need any information on the product, you may contact the vendor on working days between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Product Title: Life Size Teddy Bear 6 feet standing Vendor name: IND MART Contact Person: Gurpreet Singh,Gurpreet Singh Phone Number: 9350380655,9350380655 Email Id: [email protected],[email protected] The vendor does not respond to calls and calls get cut after 5-6 rings. Reply is awaited from Vendor. I am highly dissatisfied with product as A was ordered, B was delivered, payment was taken for A. Payment for A>Payment for B A refers to link above B refers to 3 feet teddy bear. As it is shown below, INDMart, Mr. Gurpreet Singh Narang promised white teddy 6 feet tall. 3 feet tall was recieved. Price was paid for white teddy I was cheated. He is not confronting me. That is why legal action is now being taken

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  1. Hi, did you get the problem addressed ? This vendor has cheated me also. I want to take action on this supplier. Rediff is a cheat company and not taking any action. Pls reply so that we can take up this matter together with other customers who have been cheated