Redolent – Hype and creating confusion among people


Its very sad to say that people are framing untrue complaints in complaint board … we are talking about redolent systems …. we have hired employees on behalf of redolent not any other company and another false news is 500 employees and another false news is we charged some money.

We are a normal company with employees who will train people and place the in different projects and we get revenue out of it and as we have lost few projects we are withdrawing the candidature of our employees and as apart of compensation we are paying them 5 months salary also.

Its a false news that we charge 3 lacs rupees dare any one can prove this.

Please verify facts before posting.

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  1. HI,
    I m Employeee in Redolent Systems srikanth is telling truths present redolent systems is in some financial crises that is amzad sir problem but dont put like this fake news any baody have a promblem please terminate the process salary is problem present because the company is in crises ok……

  2. Victim of Redolent

    hey fake person… i will prove u take money… u tell place and venue i will come…. And if u lost project then tell this thing to candidate you people still make fake promises to candidates… Recently you people told we provide you job in other companies but still nothing happen …. I join you in 2013 and till now nothing happen ….
    you not even sent single person at client location regarding job…. You all are fake just playing with candidate future and waste there time….

    1. Victim of Redolent

      Hi Ramesh,
      Please dont go for it….. after all its totally ur decision… But i m the victim and they cheat alot bro so my suggestion is please dont go for it… totally time wasting and also peace of mind…