www.snapdeal.com – refund not received

this is regarding order no 1330237316 on www.snapdeal.com

i have ordered the product on 14/10/13 and after delays on the stipulated delivery date they cancelled my order despite showing the product in stock in their website.
so for the refund, i repeatedly told their customer care on phone and by email that i want the refund on my bank a/c but they gave the refund as their sd cash scheme.
again after calling dozen times, they agreed and told me to share my bank account which i did on 27/11/13 and according to their terms, the refund should be made by 7-10 days as mentioned them and written in their site but till now no refund has been initiated.
i have called them a dozen times about my refund but all they have got is the same answer that we have received your bank details and the concerned team is looking into it..
every time i call them they have the same reply and no confirmation or anything has been received by me from them, they even say that i will get a call back in next 4 hours but i never ever get such call backs, every time i ask them to give the call to some seniors, they give excuses that no one is available now whether i call them during day or night
i am just pissed off from snapdeal response and it has been a torture.
so i request you to help me get my refund amount of rs. 687 along with compensation of my 3-4 hours of phone bill and harassment.

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  1. Dear NAVNEET,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We care about your grievance, and your complaint, listed on 13 NOV 2013 has been noted and is currently being worked upon by our team. We would like to know more about your problem and its details. Please share your contact details and complaint description with us at writetous@snapdeal.com, mentioning your order ID in the subject line of the mail.

    Thank you for cooperating.

    Snapdeal Online Team