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I was holding reliance postpaid net connect id :9372897758, since 2009-10 and wanted to close the same as my wife is also holding the net connect id :9326074838 which is
prepaid. I do not want to use two net connector instead want to continue with the one which my wife is holding.I visited reliance showroom located in Nigdi, Pune, in the month of April’13 to close my net connect Id 9372897758. I had cleared all the payment before closing it. The reliance executive there advised me to talk to one of the executive and connected me to that person from his phone.The executive on the phone suggested me not to close the
connection and gave an option of keeping the net connector in safe custody for 6 months and said can reactivate later if required. He said I will not get any bill for 6 months.I confirmed with him several times regarding the charges but he was very sure that I will not get any bill till 6 months and requested me to keep it in safe custody. I agreed on the same thinking that I wont be getting any bill till my number
is under safe custody and if want to use in near future can reactivate it. But to my surprise, I am receiving call every month for bill payment. When I connected to them regarding this, they tell me to hold for 15-20 minutes wasting my
valuable time and then say they have forwarded my feedback to the concerned department.After
experiencing this I came to the conclusion that those lazy and
unprofessional executive have not forwarded any feedback, so decided to get in touch with customer care executive. I told him the whole story, he too checked my net connector status and agreed that I should not get the bills for 6 months as it is in safe custody and suggested me to raise the request. So I raised the service request on 2nd Sept 2013. I got a SMS stating that my service request has been raised and its number is 208341570 and will be resolved in next 2
days. I dont know what happened to that service Id, I got an SMS on 27 Sept 2013 stating a service request has been raised whose number is 209575251 and will be resolved in next 5 days but still it is unresolved.
Each day I have to explain the same story to each exceutive when they call me. I even sent an email on 14 Spet 2013 describing the whole issue
to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].
On 5th Oct 2013, I received an email from [email protected] stating “Kindly note that the services of your number have been terminated on 28/09/2013. Further, billing dispute we have taken up your complaint and working on the same for redressal on priority. We will respond to you shortly “.

Since 3 days I am getting SMS’s stating to be present at Pune Court on 23rd. Today i.e 9th Oct 2013, an executive from reliance (phone no. 9325311195) called me and threatened of sending notice to me. I asked her whether she knows anything about my compliant, I was suprised to hear that she dont know anything about the complaint and wants me to pay the bill which is Rs. 617 only.
I dont understand, my complaint is still not resolved, how can reliance send me those SMS’s and can send legal notice.
Why should I be the victim of those false commitments.
Request you to please help me on this.

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