– Ethnicdoor – Fake Product Order No- RD 21424 and Return Not initiated yet after putting email

Reported By: Khushboo

Contact information: Delhi

I ordered a product online from “Reshamdhaag. in”after seeing the pictures which looked so good. I ordered immediately. I ordered my size as per the size chart but after receiving the same it did not fit well from the arm and upper body. Immediately after receiving the order, I tried putting a request through email but till now I did not get any response from them. I tried to connect through Instagram, even then I did not get any response, I emailed again and put a reminder to them, messaged them on Instagram but then I did not get any response from them. even tried to put an exchange and refund request through their website But it is not excepting the order no. and reflecting that it is incorrect. I tried all the numbers mentioned on the receipt but it is not accepting any number. I have been trying for several days and continuously checking my email and Instagram for their response but all in vain. Because of all these issues with the website I not able to connect with the team and put an exchange request. Even after putting a request on their email and on their Instagram profile no one contacted me and replied to my email. They had not even provided any phone no. through which its customers can contact them and get their queries resolved. I feel cheated and I will not be trusting any of these fake brands who open their accounts on Instagram and on websites and sell things for which they never want to take responsibility. They can earn money like this once but not forever. What is the purpose of buying something if it is not fitting well and we cannot get it exchanged? Even their website is not working. which seems to me that was a fraud website. after several attempts, I am still and not able to open their website . Feeling cheated. On their Instagram, they say easy return, which is definitely not the case. It seems impossible to return and get our money refunded or exchange our product. I have a humble request to the owner of this brand if you are doing business and want to establish yourself as a brand kindly put more focus on customer service as well. because you can create customers once but if you can not cater to their queries and understand their problem you will never be a successful brand. and even running a brand like this is of no use. I regret buying the product as I can not wear it and it will keep lying in my closet. Hope it reaches its true owner and our queries get resolved. It seems I have wasted my money and I completely lost my trust in this brand and never going to buy from it.

How to file a complaint against – Ethnicdoor?

* Go to page
* Write – Ethnicdoor in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from – Ethnicdoor.

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  1. Abhishek Dubey

    I want change my order becuase of size issue. Please Arrange a Size XXL and return a old order. Thanku